By Claude Werder, Senior Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

Retaining top talent is the biggest concern of business and HR leaders in 2020, according to Brandon Hall Group research. Why? Because most companies fail to invest in skills and talent and it’s now out of control: 

  • Companies don’t know what skills they need now and tomorrow or how to develop them
  • Employees don’t know the skills they should learn or career paths they can pursue, so they leave
  • And often, the wrong people are hired in the first place because employers didn’t really understand the skills they were recruiting for

As employers adjust to new realities in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, finding and retaining the right people with the right skills is more important than ever.

Success depends on understanding the skills your workforce has, the skills it needs, then hiring candidates and developing employees to fill the gaps.

That’s not nearly as easy as it sounds or everyone would be doing it. As with many things in HR these days, technology plays a big role. Join Steve Feyer, Director of Product Marketing at Eightfold and me for our June 3 webinar as we discuss the role of AI in understanding and developing skills to meet specific business needs. 

We’ll discuss how, using AI, you can define the capabilities you need for a job.  AI will find the people who best meet these requirements. It makes talent acquisition dramatically more effective and empowers the HR team to transform into a competitive advantage for the company.

We’ll also discuss how to think about skills, which is widely misunderstood. It’s all about understanding the relationship between a skill and a job role, then matching individuals to a role based on their skills and their career aspirations.

Brandon Hall Group research shows that 80% of companies believe identifying future capabilities of the workforce is critical, but only 44% say they are effective at it.

I hope you’ll attend our webinar, at 1 pm ET Wednesday, June 3, to gain new insights on:

  • Understanding your employees’ current capabilities
  • Learning who has the potential to fill critical roles top talent and attracting new talent that truly meets your organization’s needs
  • Retaining top talent and attracting new talent that truly meets your organization’s needs

Claude Werder is Brandon Hall Group’s Senior Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst. He focuses on Leadership Development and Talent Management. Brandon Hall Group is a leading research and analyst firm with Practices in Learning & Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management/Core HR.

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