There is a renewed focus on reskilling and upskilling the workforce, no doubt made more intense by the current pandemic and work-from-home environment. Yet, organizations face the same challenges they always have; workers are too busy to dig into training programs designed to help them and training is often seen as an obstacle to getting their job done.

Brandon Hall Group Platinum Preferred Provider Conduent recognized the limitations of a training-focused approach for improving performance. Instead, they believe strategy is all about employee enablement. Essentially, organizations need to give employees the information, knowledge and tools they require to be successful. This includes communications, learning, knowledge management, policies and internal marketing. By looking at these things in a holistic way, organizations can leverage them when and where they are needed to support employees within the flow of their work. When asked in Brandon Hall Group’s Learner Perspectives Survey, the top thing learners seek from technology is access to information. Whether it is an HR policy, standard operating procedures or a quick tutorial on a new tool, workers should have access to it when — and where — they need it.

This doesn’t mean a complete abandonment of formal training experiences; rather a re-imagining of all learning experiences through the lens of how they support employees seamlessly into their jobs along with other types of communication as needed. This requires unifying the entire enablement experience to allow workers to learn, adapt and interact together as a systems unit. The current pandemic environment made these three items critical, since people are physically disconnected and have to adjust how they work when faced with challenges and increasing change, while learning new ways of working and communicating across many functions of the organization. Additionally, there has been growth in the use of “gig” and contingent workers, who need even more tools to keep them connected and performing.

Organizations that adapted well to the change are creating an ecosystem of support across the business to enable their employees at their moment of need. This is achieved with a dynamic content strategy that curates and delivers what is needed, when it is needed, all in the flow of work.

For more on employee enablement, download Conduent’s ebook on the topic here Workforce Enablement: Best Practices – Training Industry. It also includes the results of a recent survey Conduent conducted on the topic.

David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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