With large portions of the workforce still working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are challenged to keep their people connected and engaged with learning. 

In the earliest weeks of the stay-at-home orders, companies that could no longer offer in-person training turned to webinars and virtual classroom platforms to recreate those experiences — with tepid results. As the pandemic continued, organizations experimented with a wider variety of digital options, especially video. According to the Brandon Hall Group’s Transitioning to the New Realities of the COVID-19 Experience survey, the percentage of companies turning to video as a replacement for ILT jumped from 38% in March/April to about 60% in June/July.

It’s worth mentioning that Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice Preferred Provider LumaOne takes video for learning to the next level and makes it easy for just about anyone to create an engaging, impactful microlearning event. This can be critical as companies struggle to keep people connected and engaged in a remote work environment. Allowing them to create videos to share knowledge can fill that gap. A person can use any video device at their disposal, whether it is a high-end film-quality camera, the webcam on their laptop or their phone.

LumaOne allows users to turn these videos into true learning experiences by adding interactivity, such as hotspots, text, branching and questions. They can even insert a video within a video if the viewer wants to dig deeper at any point. The functionality goes much further, with translations, personalization and more. But what’s important in the current context is its ease of use. A tool like this can be a great way for people to share their knowledge without getting everyone together in a room.

The tool can also be integrated into Teams or Hubspot platforms, where people are spending a lot of their time these days (especially Teams). This means people do not have to take themselves out of their flow of work to find and access these videos when they need them. Many organizations are also recording their Teams and Zoom meetings so they can be accessed and referenced later. LumaOne lets companies take those videos and add interactivity, add indexes for searching, and even translate them. 

We all hope for a speedy end to the pandemic, but it is clear that things may never return to the way they were. There will be more people working from home next year than there were last year. It is important companies seek solutions for the long-term and not just momentary quick fixes. The use of video for learning was already growing and the current environment will only cement its place in the learning ecosystem. LumaOne shows just how sophisticated video engagements can be while remaining simple to create and use.

David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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