8/16/22 - We will discuss what goes into making effective VILT programs.
8/18/22 - We announce the winners of the 2022 HCM Excellence Awards.
8/30/22 - We dispel some of the myths around AI and conversation intelligence, by discussing how they work within learning technology and showing concrete examples of the value they can provide.
9/7/22 - We will explain the history behind the model, the fundamentals of learning analytics for organizations starting out, as well as the findings from more than 250 global organizations who have benchmarked how they use data in their L&D practices against the model’s standard.
9/13/22 - This interactive session features Dr. Kristin Lee, Virtual Learning Manager at NextUp; Amberly Santana, Senior Learning Experience Designer at NovoEd; and Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal HCM Analyst for Brandon Hall Group and will cover best practices for increasing allyship and cultivating inclusive leaders.
9/15/22 - In this webinar, we will show how to overcome common outsourcing fears such as costs, communication barriers, talent quality, security, and more.
9/20/22 - This webinar will provide specific solutions to the age-old quandary: how does L&D truly become a strategic business partner?
9/27/22 - We will discuss the strategies, best practices and technology that will allow your organization to See objective business results directly connected to your advanced recruitment efforts and more.
9/29/22 - We will discuss emerging approaches that pinpoint the most impactful and valuable ways to accelerate development of your talent pipeline.
10/4/22 - In this webinar, we will share research, insight, and expertise about why extended enterprise learning is important and what goes into getting it right.