9/22/20 - We will look at how to leverage data on the end-user experience to develop a digital content strategy that works for everyone.
9/23/20 - We will explore the prospect of leadership development in a remote work environment
9/24/20 - We will discuss the market demands and trends for leveraging Extended Enterprise Learning
9/30/20 -Leaders from progressive organizations will share their journeys and lessons learned.
10/7/20 - We will go over a playbook of best practices for blended learning that will take your organization into and through the uncertain present and future effectively.
10/8/20 - We will examine how learning tech can deliver experiences tailored to sales professionals and designed for performance.
10/15/20 - We will discuss how and why the approach that may have worked before won’t work now, and look at examples of companies that have made the transition.
10/20/20 - We will explore strategies around bringing learning into the flow of work and showcase how PepisCo is providing a modern, personalized learning experience.
10/22/20 - We will explore use cases in areas of contracting, vendor onboarding, bill payment and ordering.
10/29/20 - We will have an eye-opening discussion about how your talent management technology can help narrow the gap between the intent of inclusion and diversity and the actual impact that initiatives are having now.
12/10/20 - Join Brandon Hall Group executives as they announce the winners of the coveted 2020 Excellence in Technology Awards in a live web event!