6/2/22 - We discuss how organizations and solution providers are changing their technology to support newer, more effective learning strategies.
6/7/22 - We will explore the entirety of CEMEX University and provide strategies for leveraging L&D to reorient the entire business around common, transformational goals.
6/9/22 - More than 70% of organizations believe every employee should receive leadership training, according to the latest Brandon Hall Group research, but only 43% actually offer leadership programs for all employees.
6/14/22 - We will explore how simulations fit into the modern technology ecosystem. They will look at the benefits, best practices, and examples of how companies are building skills with simulations.
6/16/22 - We will talk about the ins and outs of training in a franchise environment, as well as Dairy Queen’s journey through a major operational shift that required a new approach and tools to deliver training.
6/22/22 - The array of technology L&D teams are leveraging for their programs is growing increasingly complex, with new tools and modalities being adopted on a regular basis. When you add to that, a need for learning to tap into a host of other technologies throughout the business, it can be an integration nightmare. Brandon Hall Group research finds that 40% of companies consider poor integration a leading reason to change learning technologies.
6/28/22 - We will discuss how companies can strategically leverage blended learning to upskill and reskill the workforce to drive business outcomes.