5 Inescapable Trends of Modern HR

5 Inescapable Trends of Modern HR
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    Technology is no longer just supporting HR; it is shaping it. Many of the trends we have seen in HR in the last five years – ratingless performance management, evidence-based/analytical HR, transparency – have come about not so much from cultural shifts but from technological shifts. Exponentially more data has become available through an increased dependence on automated systems, which have evolved faster than our ability to make use of their capabilities.

    In report, we will examine five inextricably linked trends that HR must understand and adapt to in order to be an effective partner in improving business performance.

    We are now awash in more data than we actually need to answer the questions which most commonly arise in business. Many organizations still can’t answer those questions because they don’t fully understand the data available, they don’t have access to the specific data they need, or they lack the ability to turn the data into pertinent information.

    5 Inescapable Trends Impacting Modern HR

    • 1. Data-based decision making
    • 2. Transparency
    • 3. Automation
    • 4. Continuous, real-time updating
    • 5. Integration

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