Three Talent Imperatives Most Organizations are Overlooking

Three Talent Imperatives Most Organizations are Overlooking
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    Every year people everywhere share the same thought: people are the difference between a great business plan and great business success. Most organizations are doing little or nothing to bring that statement to life, however.

    If you are a CEO, you are -- or should be -- asking three important questions:

    • 1. What do great organizations know about people that others don’t?
    • 2. What are those organizations doing differently with their people that others aren’t?
    • 3. How does that look different from what was done last year or the year prior?

    Here are the answers, all of equal and vital importance:

    • 1. They know their workforces intimately.
    • 2. They create a holistic talent experience.
    • 3. They offer choices to employees in every way possible.

    This industry perspective focuses on these three imperatives, all of which are grounded in data and empirical points of view in Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 State of Talent Management Study. The study’s key findings give impetus to the three imperatives new in talent management this year.

    Key Findings

    • For the first time in our research, people strategy has assumed the top position as most critical strategy to achieving business results. It ranked 10 percentage points ahead of business strategy.
    • 48% of organizations indicate that meeting multi-generational workforce needs is critical or important to the business, yet more than half of those organizations say they are not at all prepared to address the needs and expectations of diverse, five-generation workforces prevalent in today’s businesses.

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