Performance Management 2016: People Over Process

Performance Management 2016: People Over Process
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    There have been literally hundreds of books written about performance management (PM) since the term took on its modern meaning 60 years ago. Until recently most of these books have focused on various methods that can be used for (theoretically) improved performance. But as anyone who is involved in PM knows, there is still extensive dissatisfaction with PM on the part of both organizations and employees.

    In Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Performance Management study, 72% of organizations found their PM to be “somewhat effective” or “not at all effective.”

    Regardless of who conducts the study, or where and when it’s conducted, employees find PM to be onerous and unfair, and organizations find PM to be onerous and ineffective. Our 2016 Performance Management Survey reaffirms this widespread dissatisfaction with PM, but also determines that performance management is most effective and impactful on the business when a people-centric model is utilized. Unfortunately, only 20% of respondents indicated their approach to performance management was people-centric, which Brandon Hall Group defines as focusing on:

    • Building employees’ strengths (rather than trying to fix weaknesses)
    • In-the-moment feedback & ongoing coaching to build skills
    • Setting near-term – rather than annual – performance objectives and then revising as needed based on business needs and the employee’s progress.
    • Frequent and consistent recognition for small and meaningful contributions, rather than the infrequent (usually annual or twice-a-year) recognition for large or blockbuster achievements predominant in most organizations.

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