Performance Management 2015: Coaching for Developmental Needs

Performance Management 2015: Coaching for Developmental Needs
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    The business imperative for performance management is undeniable, yet organizations everywhere seem disenchanted with the effectiveness of their approach to performance management. In Brandon Hall Group’s latest Performance Management Study, the majority of organizations reported that improving overall business performance is a critical outcome of their performance management; 88% have a performance management strategy, yet 71% say their current approach to performance management needs improvement, even reinvention.

    This industry perspective provides top findings from Brandon Hall Group's most recent performance management research, along with critical calls to action to improve what is largely a broken process.

    Top Findings

    1. Performance management strategies are prevalent, but largely ineffective.
    2. There is too little focus on the employee, and too much focus on the performance management process.
    3. There is a significant lack of executive engagement in performance management.
    4. In-the-moment feedback -- as opposed to formal reviews -- improve performance.
    5. Few managers are skilled development coaches.

    Top Calls to Action

    1. Teach managers to be effective development coaches.
    2. Eliminate forced distributions.
    3. Engage executives in performance management.
    4. Hold leaders accountable for developing employees' strengths.
    5. Automate performance management and integrate it with other talent processes.