Learning Technology 2016: Embracing Innovation for a Better Learner Experience

Learning Technology 2016: Embracing Innovation for a Better Learner Experience
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    The tide finally appears to be turning for learning technology. After a decade of inertia, the top learning priority for organizations surveyed in Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Learning Technology Study is exploring new or different learning technologies. Over the next 12 months, new technologies take priority over even perennially important initiatives such as developing the learning strategy and improving the link between learning and performance.

    Combine that with the fact that exploring new or different modalities rounds out the top five, and this data suggests that organizations are finally getting serious about changing the way they deliver learning.

    But the technology journey may be rough for many organizations. Only 20% of organizations in our research have fully mature, robust learning technology strategies governing the implementation of these solutions. This leaves the rest without any clear guidance or a roadmap forward, which also feeds into their dissatisfaction. In essence, these organizations are simply acquiring technology, rolling it out, and hoping for the best. It has been proven time and time again that technology cannot fix a bad process. An organization needs a clear vision on how learning technology is going to help them move forward and achieve business goals if they want that technology to truly be effective.

    If we look these results together – the embrace of new technology and a desire for a better learner experience -- we find ourselves at a pivot point where companies finally begin to use technology to deliver a variety of learning experiences that are more relevant to learners and based on a model whose foundation can be found in the 70/20/10 framework.

    In this report, Brandon Hall Group offers four critical calls for change to further diversify learning delivery to improve individual and organizational results through the more effective use of technology. These assertions will be thoroughly supported by the Top 6 findings from the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Learning Technology Study, which surveyed more than 300 learning and business leaders from more than 20 countries and industries in the spring of 2016.

    Learning Technology Critical Calls for Change

    • Focus on the Learner
    • Explore New Learning Modalities
    • Leverage Technology for a Truly Blended Learning Experience
    • Realize the Potential in Mobile, Social and Collaborative Technologies

    Research Findings that Support Change

    • Most Organizations are Held Back by Weak – or Non-Existent – Technology Strategies
    • Social and Mobile Technologies are Top Priorities, Especially for Mature Organizations
    • Technology Buyers Embrace the Importance of the User Experience
    • Informal Learning Technologies Drive Great User Experience
    • Satisfaction Levels are Poor Across the Learning Technology Spectrum
    • Integration is Critical Cog in Technology Puzzle

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