State of Talent Acquisition: A Crisis of Missed Opportunities

State of Talent Acquisition: A Crisis of Missed Opportunities
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    Hiring organizations, lacking top talent to drive business growth, often blame their misfortune on a talent shortage. But our research shows that, while a talent shortage may acerbate the problem, organizations are engulfed in a crisis of missed opportunities. They largely operate without a talent acquisition strategy, and ignore – or under-utilize – leading practices and emerging technologies that can attract high-quality talent that possess the business acumen and innovation that can fuel explosive growth.

    Our research shows that only 10% of the organizations surveyed have a clear talent acquisition strategy that aligns with business goals and integrates with talent management strategies. Three-quarters (75%) are either in the developmental (46%) or casual (29%) stages of their talent acquisition practice. Consequently strategies and metrics are not robust, and at times ad hoc.

    Key Findings

    • The maturity level of talent acquisition is low.
    • Most organizations struggle to attract talent regardless of talent supply.
    • Effective recruitment strategies are not widely implemented.
    • Employers need better ways to measure source of hire.
    • Broken interview processes contribute to bad hires.
    • Candidate relationship management strategies are mostly ad hoc.

    Critical Calls to Action

    • Develop a clear talent acquisition strategy.
    • Understand your organization’s Employment Value Proposition.
    • Structure the interview process.
    • Use assessments in the hiring process.
    • Consistently measure the strength of your employer brand.
    • Strengthen relationships with talent communities.

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