Building the Business Case for Onboarding Technology Systems

Building the Business Case for Onboarding Technology Systems
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    With the improved economy and reduced unemployment, globalization, shifts in workforce demographics, and the shortage of critical skills, organizations of all sizes are facing intense pressure to retain the quality talent they struggled to attract and hire.

    Organizations are shifting from a labor-intensive, administrative onboarding approach to one that employs technology to automate the paperwork, document management, training, and compliance requirements, and, most importantly, provide the new hire with a better experience that is consistent with the organization’s culture, brand, and value proposition. The workforce is becoming more complex and demanding, and new hires are at a high risk of changing employers. Leading companies are responding by taking a more proactive approach to onboarding.

    The goal of this tool is to help companies build a business case for investing in an onboarding technology, either as a point-solution or part of a platform, by helping to identify the challenges, internal pressures, unique onboarding requirements and key stakeholders involved with onboarding. It will outline why companies need to rethink their onboarding process and how an investment in onboarding systems (or a platform that includes onboarding) – which offer advanced capabilities like social and analytics – will drive business outcomes and improve the new hire experience, and thereby increase engagement, speed time-to-productivity/proficiency and reduce attrition.

    The Agenda

    • Business Impact: Research that validates the return on investment.
    • Business Need: What are the top challenges for onboarding?
    • Solution: What is a next-generation onboarding system?
    • Questions to Consider: What are the questions organizations must ask themselves before making an investment?
    • Building a Business Case: What are the action steps to gain buy-in?
    • Stakeholder Analysis: Who are the key stakeholders and what do they need to know?
    • Metrics: How to measure the real impact for your business.

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