Employee Engagement 2016

Employee Engagement 2016
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    It is no secret that employee engagement improves organizational performance. Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 Learning Measurement Study found that while making employee engagement a strategic priority is an excellent starting point, organizations that achieve the most success are those that also link it to performance by paying special attention to how they prioritize and administer engagement practices, and which technology solutions they choose to support and evaluate engagement practices.

    Two-thirds of the organizations we surveyed make employee engagement a strategic priority. Among those organizations, the most successful are the more than half that also link employee engagement to employee performance. The remaining one-third of organizations, which prioritize employee engagement without linking it to employee performance, experience somewhat lower achievement levels.

    Our study compared two groups: organizations that prioritize engagement without linking it to performance, and organizations that prioritize engagement and link it to performance, meaning that managers addressing changes in engagement levels with employees. Organizations that linked engagement to performance performed significantly better in many metrics.

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