Employee Value Proposition: A Framework for Excellence

Employee Value Proposition: A Framework for Excellence
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    In this age of organizational risk-mitigation and stiff global competition, organizations need all the resources they can obtain to improve their performance, increase market share, and maintain an engaged, productive workforce. Yet, many organizations fail to take advantage of the practice that can give them the strategies they need to achieve success: Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

    An EVP is a construct of what employers and employees value in each other. An effective EVP is based on an organization’s strategy to provide an employee experience that prompts and sustains advanced levels of discretionary employee performance and productivity. EVP helps organizations articulate the value they offer to candidates and employees, differentiates themselves as an employer, and improves their talent acquisition, talent retention, and employee engagement.

    Findings from Brandon Hall Group’s EVP research show that organizations involved in defining and communicating their EVP see an increase in employee engagement (58%) and an increase in employees achieving 90% of their individual goals (74%). However, the research also shows that 85% of organizations do not have a well-defined and communicated EVP.

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