• अप्रैल 19, 2016
HCMx Radio 27: Accelerating Your Corporate Strategy and Market Ambition

Host: राहेल कुक, COO, ब्रैंडन हॉल समूह

Guest: Steven Smith, University Corporate Vice President, Capgemini, व डा. Regis P. Chasse, Director of Curriculum, Capgemini. Topics discussed included:

  • Business transformation – turning their corporate university into a weapon to drive greater alignment and acceleration of their corporate strategy and market ambition
  • Targeting key populations essential for the company to achieve its goals
  • Hot content topics to their customers in their marketplace, including cloud, डिजिटल, as well as business services
  • Moving from next generation learning to digital age learning

Recorded live at HCM उत्कृष्टता सम्मेलन 2016 – जनवरी 27-29, 2016


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