• अप्रैल 19, 2016
HCMx Radio 24: Quality of Hire is the Most Important Metric

Hosts: राहेल कुक, COO, ब्रैंडन हॉल समूह; माइक कुक, अध्यक्ष, CEO and HCM Principal Analyst, ब्रैंडन हॉल समूह

Guest: Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer, iCIMS

Brandon Hall Group’s recent research reported that 92% of organizations stated that when it comes to talent acquisition, quality of hire is the most important metric. However companies still struggle with finding talent and most importantly the right talent.

iCIMS received a Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award in Best Advance in Employee Referral Technology because of how it helps clients effectively navigate through this journey to finding the right talent. इस प्रकरण में, iCIMS Chief Marketing Officer Susan Vitale offers viewpoints on finding, nurturing, काम पर रखने, and retaining talent.


Recorded January 11, 2016.


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