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Winners of the 2021 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Talent Management Awards

Best Advance in Assessment Utilization to Guide Talent Decisions

Best Advance in Big Data to Inform and Predict Talent Strategy

Best Advance in Competency Management | Best Advance in Corporate Culture Transformation

Best Advance in Creating a Talent Strategy

Best Advance in Employee Engagement | Best Advance in Employee Recognition Program

Best Advance in Establishing Governance to Guide Talent Decisions

Best Advance in High Potential Development

Best Advance in Performance Management | Best Advance in Succession and Career Management

Best Advance in Talent Management Technology Implementation

Best Employee Value Proposition (EVP) | Best Team Development Program

Best Unique or Innovative Talent Management Program



Entry Title


Best Advance in Assessment Utilization to Guide Talent Decisions

GoldISBANKAssessment for recruitment for the IT function of ISBANKAssessment for recruitment for the IT function of ISBANK became an efficient and reliable tool contributing to the digital transformation process the bank is intensively conducting for the last few years. Without doubt, this will help Isbank perform a successful digital transformation and reach its goals related to this process.
BronzeDimesDimes - Assesment Utilization in Talent DecisionsDimes has implemented strong assessment studies in talent management, recruitment and career scenarios. The development stage and outputs of these tests in Dimes - Assessment Utilization in Talent Decisions were successful.
BronzeYildiz HoldingFlowQ: Yildiz Holding Digital Talent Management ProgramFlowQ: Yildiz Holding Digital Talent Management Program deals with areas such as perseverance, contentiousness, responsibility, and locus of control. These aspects have been gathered under this competency title, making a report in conjunction with the competencies possible.

Best Advance in Big Data to Inform and Predict Talent Strategy

GoldAccentureTalentPulse: Using Big Data to Inform Accenture Talent StrategyTalentPulse is a multi-faceted solution using artificial intelligence and Big Data to inform an effective Talent Strategy and identify how the skills landscape is evolving. Within six months, TalentPulse impacted an estimated US$100 million in recruitment, learning and other investment decisions.

Best Advance in Competency Management

GoldBank of AmericaFulcrum - Innovation Accelerator ProgramFulcrum is an innovation accelerator program to unearth existing and futuristic innovative practices and translate them to breakthroughs ideas, to make financial lives of customers better by creating a culture of decentralization and democratization of innovation, thereby nurturing the intellectual capital of the organization. Fulcrum makes Bank of America a great place to innovate by engaging, empowering and educating the diverse workforce, reflecting strong people culture and collaboration, covering talent across the organization.

Best Advance in Corporate Culture Transformation

GoldAccenture Solution Pvt LtdBest Advance in Corporate Culture TransformationThe Culture Advocate program has Senior leaders in each location as Culture Advocates. Employees can request one-on-one with them and discuss any deviations from the desired culture and monthly theme-based live events are held to reinforce the key messages in a fun and engaging manner.
GoldEYPathway to PurposePathway to Purpose is a large-scale learning online ecosystem that integrates four two-hour live virtual interactive workshops with a Purpose Portal, Ambassador program, Purpose Cafes, Purpose Labs, and one-on-one coaching. It is open to all EY Americas 80,000 employees in 30 countries, from across all functions, ranks and geographies.
Goldsahibinden.comSahibi Sensin (You are the Owner) Culture Transformation ProjectTo increase organizational efficiency by creating a corporate culture in line with the company's main strategy, vision, mission and current / potential employee expectations.
SilverDoğadanDoğadan V2.0Doğadan V2.0 is a Cultural Transformation Process that starts change and ensure key milestones of Change Management process across functions are all addressed and executed effectively.
SilverSabancı Dijital Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş. "Sabancı of New Generation" SabancıDx Cultural Transformation Journey During the past 2 years cultural transformation was critical issue. Combining the new talents of Advance Analytics or Cyber Security with the existing ones responsible for the traditional technologies, "Sabancı of New Generation" SabancıDx Cultural Transformation Journey leveraged the existing culture to create a healthy and meaningful environment by promoting culture of trust, integrity, passion, courage and collaboration.
SilverTake 5 Oil ChangeCulture CommitteeThe goal of the Culture Committee is to ensure field team members have ultimate ownership in the execution, success and purpose of each program. The importance of the committee is our consistency with recognition and holding our leaders accountable to make sure that everyone feels noticed.
BronzeInfosys BPMInfosys citizenship quotient (iCQ) to reward and recognize Organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs)"Infosys citizenship quotient (iCQ) to reward and recognize Organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs) " is an initiative to reward and recognize employees who go above and beyond their call of duty. This aids in active reinforcement of organization core values and increases employee satisfaction by building a strong cultural bond with the organization.
BronzeWAT MotorWAT CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY "YOU are the POWER of TRANSFORMATION""YOU are the Power of TRANSFORMATION" was a very wide-ranging culture transformation journey in which the organization moved the way of doing business and the work culture into a more agile structure, and talent management processes were redesigned accordingly from development to performance management, from new role definitions to recruitment in order to achieve higher customer and talent engage
GoldPepsiCoDriving The PepsiCo Way: PepsiCo's Culture JourneyPepsiCo takes 45 different cultural values into a single cultural values system; applies it globally and integrates it into every aspect of their business. This integration improves business outcomes, employee experience, manager effectiveness and performance across the 2 years of implementation.

Best Advance in Creating a Talent Strategy

GoldLandmark GroupPeople First @ LandmarkPeople First @ Landmark aims is a business continuity solution in the present VUCA world ensuring the talent is Future-Ready to lead the organization. Key design features include Hipo talent, mapping them to critical roles and future needs, applying a blended approach to development through experiential and action-learning supported by coaching and mentoring, and measuring talent's effectiveness.
SilverEnerjisa EnerjiYoung EnergyThe Young Energy Young Talent Program is a development program designed to bring young talents to Enerjisa Enerji and expand the leadership pool of the future by developing high-potential employees.
BronzeHIMSS and EngagedlyRe-imaging Talent Strategy: Aligning Values to People Processes GloballyRe-imaging Talent Strategy: Aligning Values to People Processes Globally included change in their recruitment to value recognition, performance management, continuous feedback and goal alignment across their teams globally in the US, UK, Singapore and Germany.
GoldTEI TUSAS ENGINE INDUSTRIES INC.Transformation of TEI's Talent Management StrategyTalent Management has become more important than ever for TEI to achieve its short- and long-term objectives with TEI’s vision to become a leading company and with the update on its strategic plan. Some strategical projects have been developed in the most troubled areas for an increased employee engagement and a better talent management.
SilverValet Living and Quantum WorkplaceValet Living's Talent Strategy TransformationBy partnering with Quantum Workplace, Valet Living transformed its talent management strategy to drive employee, team, and business success. With its new program, the company was focused on getting the right talent in the right seats, and then retaining those individuals through intentional coaching and mentoring to optimize performance.

Best Advance in Employee Engagement

GoldGenpactAmber"Amber" is Genpact's in-house Culture assistant. Powered by AI and NLP, it is transforming how Genpact engages with employees with the ability to reach out to all employees at multiple pre-defined milestones in their journey with Genpact and understand their experience.
GoldHCL America Inc.Perfect BlendPerfect Blend is a multidimensional Employee Engagement Program envisaged to be a perfect blend of initiatives across different dimensions of engagement and touching various stages of Employee Life Cycle, built around the concepts of Gamification, Agile Methodology, Crowdsourcing, Data Analytics and Digitalization with focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at its core.
GoldHCL Technologies LimitedBest Advance in Employee EngagementHCL technologies' strength lies in its people , with employee engagement initiatives that empowers employee to live their passion. It also focuses on keeping employees and their family members safe, healthy, positive, engaged and connected.
GoldKOCZERWe Are In The WorkThe concept of "We Are In The Work" emerged as an overarching general Employee Value Proposition that gathers initiatives in 6 main focus areas under one roof. Its practices touched all HR processes.
GoldLexisNexiseNPS ExplorereNPS Explorer" transformed the way the company tracks and acts upon employee engagement. Its employees are happier, innovation has dramatically increased and there are record levels of customer engagement.
GoldMetLife and GP StrategiesVirtual Next Horizon Strategy Program and Experimentation ChallengeAfter kicking off a robust engagement plan featuring an in-person immersion program ("Next Horizon Days") across all MetLife markets worldwide, COVID hit and a cross-functional team quickly pivoted to an innovative digital solution. The virtual Next Horizon Strategy Program and Experimentation Challenge was delivered on time and exceeded expectations for desired results: increased employee engagement, a new culture of experimentation, and actionable ideas.
SilverBrightSpring Health ServicesThe Employee Experience SurveyThe Employee Experience Survey was designed and distributed across the Enterprise, giving employees a voice that could be heard at the Executive level and provide insight into strengths and areas of opportunity for the company. The in-house initiative conducted for two consecutive years showed improvements in methods and results.
SilverGenpact#HMSZeal#HMSZeal is a re-imagined engagement model in the largest business vertical (Hi-Tech, Manufacturing & Services) at Genpact, comprising of 35,000+ employees globally. Monthly theme-based activities catered to different genres, needs and target audiences, taking into consideration cultural and contextual nuances, to establish a safe space for employees, improve employee wellbeing, recognize top talent, and promote a diverse and inclusive culture.
SilverStaff Management | SMX and SIMOS SolutionsStafftrack Makes Work Easier and More ProductiveStaff Management | SMX and SIMOS Solutions, both TrueBlue companies, use Stafftrack, its award-winning proprietary hiring and workforce management tool, to power their onsite staffing models and bring in the right people at the right time, maintain fill rate percentages above 90% and helping customers find workers, manage the workforce, ensure compliance and predict future staffing trends, among other analytics. In 2020, it also became a powerful productivity and engagement tool, helping workers manage their work and provide feedback, with the launch of its associate mobile app. Because the firms saw an opportunity to improve engagement among its frontline manufacturing, warehouse and light industrial associates, they created the new mobile app for associates, using focus groups and feedback from the very associates who would use it, resulting in 15,000 downloads and increased client and worker satisfaction at a crucial time – the peak season ramp up into the holidays.
BronzeAnadolu IsuzuHappiness TeamsHappiness Teams analyzes employee engagement needs, takes active roles in the action plan development process and ensures the realization of actions in their business functions. Happiness Team members are volunteers.
BronzePublic Storage and CornerstonePublic Storage Enhances Culture of Recognition and Employee Experience with Cornerstone Digital Recognition Badge ProgramSince introducing the digital recognition badge program with Cornerstone in 2019, Public Storage saw over 50,000 badges of recognition that ladder back to core company values shared across the company in 2020. This was especially true during the pandemic and will be going forward as the future of work continues to shift.
BronzeSammons Financial Group and Quantum WorkplaceSammons Financial Group Advances Employee Engagement StrategyWith the help of Quantum Workplace, Sammons Financial Group elevated its employee engagement strategy and workplace culture by transitioning to an annual engagement survey, driving intentional action based on survey findings, and empowering employees to have ownership over engagement. The company's initiatives have resulted in employee, team, and business success.
BronzeTata Consultancy ServicesEmployee Engagement With PurposeEngagement with Purpose' is a 360-degree program across different areas; health and well-being, lifelong learning, career building, serving communities and social collaboration. Through this program, the HR engaged with over 400,000 associates during the last one year across TCS, focusing on physical fitness and emotional well-being through yoga, nutrition and home safety
BronzeWortenmyWorten"myWorten" is an employee app that keeps remote and frontline teams connected to the information and resources they need, when they need them. As a retailer, with shops all around Portugal and Spain, Worten decided to invest in the development of an employee app, as a communication tool, reaching employees wherever they are, allowing Worten to evolve its content strategy, being closer to all deskless employees giving them updated information and tools to be successful at work, improving employee communication and engagement.
BronzeZee Entertainment Enterprises Limited and Upside Learning Solutions Pvt. LtdThe Zee WayZEE partnered with Upside Learning to create a story-based learning experience with gamified elements to engage their employees. Through the Hero's Journey, employees traveled through seven different milestones, each covering a critical topic, and earned rewards to successfully complete the End Game and become "Extraordinary Together".
GoldTEI TUSAS ENGINE INDUSTRIES INC.Transformation of TEI's Engagement and Employee ExperienceEmployee Engagement and Talent Management” have become more important than ever for TEI to achieve its short- and long-term objectives with TEI’s vision to become a leading company and with the update on its strategic plan. Some strategical projects have been developed in the most troubled areas for an increased employee engagement and a better talent management.

Best Advance in Employee Recognition Program

SilverApple Federal Credit Union and KazooApple Federal Credit Union Improves Staff Loyalty with Strategic Employee Rewards Program from Kazoo"Apple Federal Credit Union Improves Staff Loyalty with Strategic Employee Rewards Program from Kazoo" is an easy-to-administer program tied to the organization's strategy of being an Employer of Choice, where staff members feel more appreciated and the organization's core values are reinforced.
SilverTake 5 Oil ChangeGolden Take 5 High 5The Golden Take 5 High 5 is an elevated version of the core "Take 5 High 5" that encourages employees to nominate their deserving fellow coworkers. The award is $100 cash and special recognition for a limited number of deserving team members.
BronzeEnerjisa Üretim İyi ki Varsın! Recognition & Rewards System Recognition & rewards system "İyi ki Varsın" supports company strategies, commitments and objectives, with "Thank you" badges linked to company principles and social policies. The system design had been based on transparency so all recognitions, likes, comments could be seen by everyone.
BronzeMeijer and AchieversMeijer & Achievers: Meijer Drives Business Goals Through Employee RecognitionMeijer's recognition program powered by Achievers helped the organization reach their top three business goals, while fostering employee engagement through the pandemic.
BronzeWNS Global Services Private LimitedBest Advance in Employee Recognition ProgramThis global recognition platform encompasses social, mobile and video recognition to celebrate positive moments and lasting memories in the employee lifecycle.
BronzeBASF CorporationBASF's Culture of Recognition & AppreciationDiscover how BASF shifted their view of recognition from primarily a technology platform to creating a culture of recognition and appreciation where all employees are seen, heard, and valued for both who they are and the great work they do, while expanding globally.

Best Advance in Establishing Governance to Guide Talent Decisions

GoldPT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (Persero)Human Capital Management AwardEstablished 125 years ago, BRI is the Oldest Bank in Indonesia & has been very successful in focusing its services on the Micro & Small &Medium Enterprises (MSME, or UMKM in Bahasa Indonesia) market. In order to maintain its formidable leadership in the MSME (UMKM) market, and its prime position in the consumer, retail, and corporate banking industry, BRI continuously grooms its best talents and acquires the latest technology. Human Capital Division is an important key to achieve company’s vision and to ensure continuous business growth. With its solid track record as the largest bank in the country, BRI feels optimistic to achieve its vision as The Most Valuable Bank in SEA (South East Asia) and Home to the Best Talent. In order to achieve this objective, BRI Human capital has decided to pursue an International Award from a Reputable Institution like Brandon Hall Gorup.

Best Advance in High Potential Development

GoldGenpactGOLDGOLD is Genpact's flagship program for development of high potential talent. For over a decade and a half, this program has delivered through a well laid out talent development strategy to identify, transform and sustain these exceptional and future ready leaders, making them more fungible and relevant across the organization.
BronzeFerring and The Oxford GroupTalent Next GenerationCue Talent Next Generation (TNG), a two-year development program for high potential future leaders, combines in-person learning, collaborative group projects and coaching/mentoring over an 18-month period, culminating in the delivery of a real-life business project. To date, there have been three incredibly successful cohorts of the TNG program, with 63% of graduates having already been promoted.
BronzeTake 5 Oil ChangeDistrict Manager Training Program"District Manager Training Program" is a two-part program designed to prep future multi-unit leaders through classroom sessions combined with hands-on field work. This program accomplishes three goals: (1) Establish relationships between upcoming District Managers, their peers, corporate support staff, and leadership. (2) It teaches participants the "Quarterly Cadence."

Best Advance in Performance Management

GoldDeltek and Quantum WorkplaceTransforming Performance Management at DeltekBy partnering with Quantum Workplace, Deltek transformed its performance management program to drive a culture of continuous conversation to enable greater performance and increased engagement. The new program also provides flexibility that allows it to evolve right along with the company's constant growth.
GoldSwiss ReAdapting at Speed with Continuous Performance Management @ Swiss ReAdapting at Speed with Continuous Performance Management @ Swiss Re is a multi-year program began with pilots to test and assess the impact of potential changes to the process and cultural implications. It concluded with a radical change of performance management that included: 1) a global roll-out to all employees of a rating-free, dialogue-centered approach called Continuous Performance Management supported by a robust change management and enablement strategy, and 2) the introduction of a modern platform that further improves the employee experience
SilverChina Tourism GroupHuman Resources Informationization Project of China Tourism GroupHuman Resources Informationization Project of China Tourism Group integrated intelligent personnel platform, the new performance system provides module functions, including performance plan formulation, report formulation and approval, summary and scoring, performance ranking, performance view, HR workbench and system configuration, etc., which provide a full-process online evaluation tool for China Tourism Group performance evaluation management and improves management efficiency.
SilverGrant ThorntonRise: Enabling Continuous Feedback & Creating TransparencyRise: Enabling Continuous Feedback & Creating Transparency is an innovative example of using technology to radically streamline a performance management process while introducing transparency and continuous performance insight. In just one year, the new Rise performance enablement process dramatically increased the amount of feedback received by employees, delivered the performance feedback as work was completed, introduced upward feedback with a new measure for leadership impact, centralized all performance insights necessary to gauge value and impact, saved tens of thousands of hours spent on administrative forms and in closed-door calibration sessions, and progressed coaching capability and effectiveness.
SilverTurkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.Holistic Flex Performance (Check-ins, ReFlex, ReFlex360)"Holistic Flex Performance" is the key enabler to reach company's strategic goals via effective, and flexible performance management. The transparent performance evaluation system enables continuous evaluation and feedback, via a digital platform for setting objectives which is 7/24 alive and updatable.
BronzeTake 5 Oil ChangeEmployee Performance DashboardThe Employee Performance Dashboard launched to provide supervisors with a way to measure their employee's performance easily and allow employees to compete against themselves and one another. Employees are provided a score (1-5) based on measurable results in their day-to-day performance.
BronzeVAKIF KATILIM Vakıf Katılım Best Advance in Performance Management Vakıf Katılım Bank has established a performance system for reasons such as the need to measure and assess the work carried out in the banking sector and to provide strategic development in the measured business processes.

Best Advance in Succession and Career Management

SilverEnerjisa EnerjiENterENter is a learning & development and talent acquisition program that aims to familiarizing students studying engineering at the senior or graduate level with business life and prepare them for business life with the training program they are involved in while doing their internship.
SilverNEQSOL HOLDINGNEQSOL HOLDING SUCCESSION READINESS PROGRAMNEQSOL Succession Readiness Program (SRP) is a Succession Planning System to ensure NEQSOL Holding has the critical talent to deliver its strategic ambitions and create valuable, constructive career development opportunity for NEQSOL Holding talents. This is the most advanced and totally customized succession planning process in Azerbaijan, differentiates from similar initiatives with its enriched development components and top-level sponsorship.
SilverUBS AGGWM Key Talent Program - Developing a strong leadership pipeline for GWMGWM Key Talent Program - Developing a strong leadership pipeline for GWM focuses on developing a strong leadership pipeline by implementing a robust Key Talent program. This program, which experienced significant changes due to the pandemic, focuses on developing the leadership capabilities of our Key Talents, whilst pro-actively moving them in our organization into critical roles.
BronzeCigna and MPS Interactive SystemsTalent Resource and Planning (TR&P)An integrated leadership talent management solution featuring a digital site to house the materials and foster information sharing and engagement and curating and developing content. The solution also included role-specific content and a wide range of self-paced learning modalities.
BronzeSAP SEAct to Grow - People Development"Act to Grow - People Development" is an internal initiative that aims to support employee development and contribute to SAP's vision and way of working. By participating in the program, employees are empowered to discover and use their full potential and will be motivated to actively promote their own development.
BronzeSequoia EquitiesAdvancing Careers at Sequoia Equities: A multi-faceted approach"Advancing Careers at Sequoia Equities: A multi-faceted approach" was created to help Sequoia Equities reinforce its customer experience philosophy by improving the engagement, retention, and promotability of great employees. To achieve this, the company developed a diverse and multi-faceted set of career development programs and initiatives that are the direct result of employee input and feedback, and includes live events, communication campaigns, and a wealth of on-demand resources.

Best Advance in Talent Management Technology Implementation

GoldTata Consultancy ServicesTCS-Xcelerate-Aspire to AchieveThe entry describes Xcelerate, an in-house state-of-the-art cloud-based Integrated Career Management platform. Xcelerate is a mélange of people, processes and technology, aimed to provide every TCSer with unlimited growth and development opportunities in their aspired domains. With Covid-19 changing the nature of workplaces and careers across the globe, Xcelerate will act as a one-stop shop and guide to all role, leadership and career management needs at TCS.
GoldTech Mahindra Ltd.Career Management at TechMThe Career Management Practices at Tech Mahindra transforms TechMighties to make them ‘Fit for the Future’. TechM has refined its organizational verticals to ensure that the employees have a line of sight for their next career movement with a variety of tools and platforms that create a holistic career developmental experience for employees. TechM prioritizes the professional and attitudinal development of its employees as a business imperative. TechM wants to develop well-rounded professionals who believe in the company’s core values, the Mahindra brand philosophy and have the right technical skills and an entrepreneurial, solution-oriented mind-set.
BronzeEnerjisa EnerjiEnerjisa's New Digital Talent Acquisition ProcessEnerjisa Energy HR team redesigned the entire recruitment process in 2020 to meet the need for digitalization using the most up-to-date measurement tools. With the designed infrastructure, a standard process that will evaluate the candidates correctly with modern tools is provided in the recruitment process; In this way, efficiency and standardization were achieved in the process implemented by different recruiters at all locations.

Best Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

GoldKOCZERWe Are In The Work"We Are In The Work" emerged as an overarching general Employee Value Proposition that gathers initiatives in 6 main focus areas under one roof: Communication; Socialization and Well-being; Family; Health; Success and Development; Flexibility.
SilverICICI Lombard and ChrysalisIgnite WaveThe way employee engagement works at ICICI Lombard is what makes it a great place to work. The feedback of employees is key to driving business and therefore the talent strategy at ICICI Lombard is a constant cycle of feedback and feed forward between the leaders and the employees interwoven with organizational culture pillars and business vision.

Best Team Development Program

GoldTakeda Pharmaceuticals International AGTakeda Europe and Canada (EUCAN) ONE Oncology Leadership Team Excellence Programfollowing Takeda's Shire acquisition and merger, Oncology Business Unit has changed the geographical and organizational structure. This entry tells the story of 'ONE Oncology Team Excellence Program' and the journey of developing EUCAN Oncology leadership and regional teams to become an agile, cross-functional and passionate team under pandemic conditions.
SilverEnerjisa EnerjiDigital ExcellenceDigital Excellence program is a comprehensive transformation program designed to develop the awareness and knowledge level of the whole management team that will lead this transformation in the company about "Digital Transformation," one of the strategical priorities of Enerjisa Enerji.
SilverLandmark GroupYELLOW DAY - INSPIRE, UNITE, MOTIVATE and CELEBRATING TEAMSYellow Day - A cross functional celebration to build team culture and bonding. As a large, multi-faceted business, well-being and engagement needed to be flexible and customizable enough to address these needs and offer different experiences with one unified message across brands and regions.

Best Unique or Innovative Talent Management Program

GoldCoca-Cola İçecek A.Ş. The Band - Talent Development PortfolioThe Band is a talent development portfolio designed to strengthen the talent pipeline by offering differentiated development tools for employees in a specific scope. The program provides various development tools chosen according to the 70-20-10 (Education – Exposure – Experience) method, which constitutes individual journeys for each participant in the program.
GoldEnerjisa EnerjiYoung EnergyThe Young Energy Young Talent Program is a development program designed to bring young talents to Enerjisa Enerji and to expand the leadership pool of the future by developing high-potential employees.
GoldEYJourney to ResilienceJourney to Resilience Master Class, submitted by EY, is an instructor-led virtual course that uses the experiences of world-class athletes to build resilience skills.
GoldTurkcellYoung Talent ProgramYoung Talent Program is a talent management program which all fresh graduates from best universities and different faculties such as Engineering, Business Management, Economics and Administrative Sciences, etc. are hired. This program is the first fully digital talent management program since it was started in 2016.
SilverDelta ElectronicsDelta Electronics- Best Unique or Innovative Talent Management ProgramThis entry, submitted by Delta Electronics, is the outcome of Delta's key talent development program, Accelerating Into Masters (AIM) to identify and develop young talents for future leadership roles in the solutions business.
SilverKibar HoldingGame Changers Talent Development Program"Game Changers Talent Development Program" is a holistic talent management program which contains succession planning, defining the talent pools and developing the talents. This program aims to retain sustainability within the Kibar Group by focusing on both people and organization.
BronzeCognizantBeyond Boundaries - An Innovative Talent Management ProgramCognizant Digital Finance team under the guidance of the Delivery and Training leads initiated an upskilling program for those associates who had no access to Cognizant-provided systems to continue working for the clients during the initial lockdown stage. The program was an attempt to ensure that associates not only stayed motivated but also utilized their time to learn something new.

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