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Best Advance for Leading Under a Crisis

GoldAmazonWorking at Amazon during COVID-19"Working at Amazon during COVID-19" is one of many critical interventions that Amazon developed to quickly scale a global workforce and provide timely information related to workplace health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. This eLearning course uses responsive design and clear and simple language to communicate employer guidelines and employee expectations for safe operations during this worldwide health crisis.
GoldAmerican College of CardiologyACC's COVID-19 Summer Series: Education at the Speed of NowAs a globally recognized leader in the formation of cardiovascular disease (CVD) care guidelines, standards and health policy, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) quickly coordinated efforts to support the CVD care needs of COVID-19 patients and healthcare professionals (HCP) worldwide. Within weeks, the ACC launched ACC’s COVID-19 Summer Series: Education at the Speed of Now. The Series, a coordinated collection of educational activities including weekly webinars and JIT point-of-care decision support (ACC's Quick Tips for Fast Thinking) were all contextually accessible, immediately actionable, open-access, and free. The Series tackled clinical, operational, mental health and health disparity educational needs as healthcare professionals sought out ACC's guidance for trustworthy information, improved decision-making confidence and the encouragement of its leaders. Over 33,000 viewers across 53 countries participated in 89 activities in 3 months.
GoldBank of America CorporationEnterprise Pandemic Response - Handling Teammate NeedsBank of America and its employees have addressed unprecedented challenges working in support of clients and taking care of each other in every role, location and market. This was accomplished with strong leadership focused on the health and safety of employees around the globe.
GoldBank of America CorporationBAC Response to National Social UnrestThis is an overview of strategy that Bank of America drove to support its people, clients, communities in the midst of global social unrest at the unfolding of the 2020 Black Lives Matter Humanitarian Crisis.
GoldBank of America CorporationEnterprise Pandemic Response - CARES ActBank of America's approach to the coronavirus pandemic led to better solutions for employees and clients. Rapid and impactful changes to the operating model, training and support enabled the bank to meet the growing needs clients were facing while ensuring maximum protections for employees.
GoldDuke RealtyDuke Realty-Best Advance for Leading Under A CrisisThrough a series of efforts during COVID-19, Duke Realty maintained employee engagement, community outreach and involvement, safety for associates, and professional development of associates, including important diversity and inclusion initiatives.
GoldEnerjisa ÃœretimPandemic Crisis ManagementAs a power producer across Turkey, Enerjisa Üretim faced multiple challenges during COVID-19, some of them conflicting each other, such as preserving employee health and providing uninterrupted power to the grid. The Central Crisis Management Team, consisting of the CEO, COO, CHRO, Sustainability Leader and Risk Leader, held crisis meetings every day and forged a way forward to serve both employees and customers.
GoldGeneral Motors and GP StrategiesShift to Virtual - Leading in a PandemicOn March 13, 2020, General Motors issued work-from-home orders. GM's Center of Learning (CoL) led the company's global learning providers in the shift to virtual, improving business relationships, expanding the reach of training, and achieving a 23-point boost in Workplace of Choice results.
GoldHCL America Inc.Take Care HCLHCL America quickly developed a leadership strategy for COVID-19 that efficiently and effectively managed the pandemic.
GoldO'Reilly MediaO'Reilly Media - Reshaping How Workers Learn in the New Remote WorldThis entry, submitted by O'Reilly Media, is called "Reimagining How Workers Learn in the New Remote World." O'Reilly's mission has always been to change the world by sharing the knowledge of innovators. For over 40 years, the organization has inspired companies and individuals to do new things—and do things better—by providing them with the skills and understanding that are necessary for success. The onset of the pandemic opened up a new environment of virtual work and learning, and offered an opportunity for O'Reilly to rethink its business - with the decision to shutter its in-person conference business in lieu of virtual events and new creative online learning services - to reshape how people learn in the new remote world.
GoldPentiStaying Together in Difficult TimesCovid-19 impacted Turkish retailer Penti's activities at home and abroad. Using the Kyosei management philosophy, which seeks to help all people -- regardless of race, religion or culture -- to live and work together harmoniously, Penti worked for the greater good of employees and customers.
GoldSCL HealthContinuing Care under CrisisLeaders at SCL Health took extraordinary actions to limit the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, managing to avoid furloughs or layoffs, saving money and positioning the company for future success.
GoldThe Kroger Co. and TiER1 PerformanceNavigating Crisis: Kroger's People-Centered COVID-19 ResponseKroger responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by thoughtfully and proactively enacting ways to keep associates and customers safe and supporting people leaders through the crisis. Kroger was also a leader in the community and for other organizations in responding to the disruption.
GoldThermo Fisher Scientific and BTSThermo Fisher Scientific Leading Through a Downturn Playbook and WebinarTo better prepare leaders across the globe for the impact of the global COVID pandemic, Thermo Fisher Scientific partnered with BTS on a "Leading Through a Downturn" playbook and webinar series. The playbook aggregated top business and talent leadership strategies to help leaders navigate the uncertainty and complexity brought on by the global lockdown.
GoldUKG (Ultimate Kronos Group)UKG Leadership Series Defines Merging Amid COVID-19After Kronos and Ultimate Software merged to become Ultimate Kronos Group, the People Inspired Leadership Series helped bring 2,200 leaders together to run a new organization of 13,000 employees. Most of the leaders have still not worked side-by-side but have demonstrated effective, inclusive leadership in a pandemic combined with an internal merger and reorganization.
SilverAvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat A.SNext@WorkNext@Work is a leading-during-a-pandemic program to ensure efficient business continuity while meeting the physical and mental health needs of all employees working at AvivaSA, a Turkish insurance company.
SilverCognizantVirtual Implementation of GenC Program EnablementThe Generation Cognizant (GenC) program is a learning strategy put in place for every new hire at the company. The GenC implementation team succeeded in transitioning classroom training into a fully virtual program within two days of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, training & deploying over 20,000 GenCs between March and December 2020.
SilverDatasiteDatasite: Supporting Employees During Civil UnrestDatasite, a Minneapolis-based technology company focused on mergers and acquisitions, took several steps to support the safety and physical and mental well-being of employees following the death of George Floyd and subsequent civil unrest. The response by leadership fostered further conversations and actions that continue to drive inclusivity and equity efforts within the organization today.
SilverDivan Turizm İşletmeleri A.Ş.(Divan Tourism Group) Divan Turizm İşletmeleri A.Ş - Hosted Healthcare Workers The Divan Tourism Group of Turkey supported healthcare workers who were fighting the coronavirus pandemic by providing health and counseling services and accommodations close to hospitals.
SilverEPAM SystemsEPAM Belarus Leadership Team: Communication and CommunityEPAM Belarus' leadership team leads efforts during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A strong, connected team successfully helped to transition EPAM's global business to remote work while ensuring the health & safety of employees and maintaining business operations for clients. Pre-pandemic business continuity plans, transparent communications through regular townhalls, robust technology infrastructure, and strong teaming allowed the company to successfully navigate the challenges to date.
SilverHCA HealthcareLeading Digital Learning Transformation at COVID SpeedHCA Healthcare's ITG Learning Solutions addressed five stages of response to the COVID-19 pandemic: virus treatment, digital orientation on onboarding of employees, financial resiliency, vaccine rollout and operational integration.
SilverNeoGenomicsEssential: NeoGenomics' Response to the Global PandemicNeoGenomics responded to the pandemic by remaining open and created a safe environment for employees, leveraging innovation and digital transformation, inspiration and employee commitment, communication, and stress management while promising and reassuring employees there would be no COVID-related layoffs.
SilverPaycorPULSE Pours and Paycor PerformsPaycor's leadership launched two programs to engage employees during the COVID-18 crisis; PULSE Pours was a dynamic live Q&A with executives made fun through engaging themes and after-parties. Paycor Performs was a seven-week series designed to help associates thrive in a virtual world, with special content geared toward managers about leading in this new environment.
SilverSamaritan's Purse and SciolytixSamaritan's Purse - Leading During a Crisis to Deliver a Mission-critical Charitable CauseOperation Christmas Child relies on 9,000+ year-round volunteers to operate. The lockdown as a result of the pandemic in March 2020 threatened that operation and those who rely on them for support. The team quickly pivoted to using Sciolytix's DigitalChalk LMS to onboard and deliver content to thousands of volunteers so that in a matter of weeks, they could be functioning again and fulfill their mission.
BronzeABM Industries and Principled TechnologiesABM Enhanced™ ExperienceABM Industries, a facilities management company, and Principled Technologies collaborated to develop virtual simulations to teach teams how to safely clean a variety of facilities through a new EnhancedClean™ program rolled out to provide deeper cleaning and disinfection services after the COVID-19 pandemic struck.
BronzeAtrium HealthLMC Leading Virtual TeamsAtrium Health launched a Leadership Mentoring Circles program after COVID-19 hit to help 236 leaders in 14 groups across Atrium make the transition to remote leadership.
BronzeCaterpillar Inc and WatershedCaterpillar Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT)When Covid-19 shut down in-person learning as well as travel in 2020, Caterpillar’s Global Dealer Learning Division went to work. In less than 4 weeks, it transitioned learning opportunities onto a virtual platform, and within months had reached 1200% more learners than in its peak in 2019.
BronzeCİMSA Pandemic Crisis ManagementDuring the pandemic process, there were no layoffs throughout the Çimsa. With these measurements disabled and chronic diseases employees are supported, remote working opportunities are offered, and all employees are supported with distance education processes. Regardless, the company continue to work without compromising the health of our employees.
BronzeEVYAPFuture of Work ProgramEvyap Holding of Turkey took a variety of actions to protect the mental and physical health of its employees as well as to continue uninterrupted production to provide the maximum benefit for protecting public health.
BronzeJunior Achievement USA and CrossKnowledgeJA Digital FirstJA Digital First is a strategic initiative, launched rapidly in March 2020 by Junior Achievement, to transform JA curriculum materials that are traditionally classroom-delivered. JA launched a digital-first strategy to meet the needs of learners where they are, whether that be in a classroom, learning at home in a remote synchronous setting, or learning independently and asynchronously.
BronzeMercerBest Advance in Leading Under a CrisisDespite the COVID-19 crisis, the Mercer Retirement Administration transitioned complex revenue generating processes to India, drove continuous improvement, delivered operational excellence and engaged the management team to emerge stronger as one team.
BronzeNetex Learning and Barcelo Hotel GroupHow Barcelo's L&D Brings Out Paradigm Shift in Record Time Under Unprecedented Crisis?In April 2020, when the pandemic situation was critical, Barceló Hotel Group needed to connect all their employees in order to train them in the essentials, mandatory COVID course (required by Spanish regulations) and to train all those employees in the new health and safety measures necessary to open the hotels. But how do you achieve this when the state of digitisation can only be explained by “only 30% of Barcelo’s employees had a corporate email”? They needed a strategy to cope up with these never-before-seen challenges. The L&D team at Barcelo created an agile strategy that demanded Fast Set Up Agile Administration Simple Delivery and Complications almost Zero! Barcelo licensed a learningCloud platform that was aligned exactly with their strategy. They managed to launch their learning program within almost a month by May 2020. The results were nothing less than spectacular!"

Best Advance in AI for Business Impact

GoldAccenture#StrikeAMatch: AI Powered Matchmaking Creating Best TeamsWith 500,000+ people around the globe, Accenture needed to understand how to create the best teams. It leveraged AI to connect people and projects in a more intuitive way, reducing unconscious bias and broadening access to the network of talent across the company
GoldGreen Key Resources and HiringSolvedGreen Key Increases Placements and Saves $200K with HiringSolved's Artificial IntelligenceRecruiting agency Green Key Resources partnered with HiringSolved to leverage artificial intelligence, leading to massive growth in recruiter efficiency and additional replacements.
GoldTTECSynthetic Training with Patented AI Voice BOT TechnologyTTEC designed and developed an asynchronous training program for one of the top food delivery services in North America using patented AI voice BOT technology to replicate real customer interactions to aid learners with practical experience and practice during training.
SilverAccentureTalent Pulse: Using AI for Business ImpactTo serve clients and stay ahead of competitors in the war for talent, Accenture developed TalentPulse, a multi-faceted solution using AI and big data to inform an effective talent strategy and identify how the skills landscape is evolving. Within six months, TalentPulse has impacted an estimated $100 million in recruitment, learning and other investment decisions.
SilverAUDI AG and Area9 Lyceum GmbHAI Driven Adaptive Learning for Audi ConnectAUDI AG and Area9 Lyceum partnered to leverage AI to identify conscious and unconscious knowledge gaps in learners and provide them with personal learning paths that automatically adapt to learners' level of knowledge.
SilverPeopleScoutPeopleScout Affinix Nomination Best Advance in AI for Business ImpactPeopleScout's proprietary talent technology platform, Affinix™, disrupts the fragmented talent acquisition technology ecosystem by deploying best-in-breed AI tools to increase efficiency in the job-posting and interview process for both candidates and clients.

Best Advance in Business Automation

GoldCHRISTUS Health and WalkMeFrom the Front-Line to the Back-End: How an automaton overhaul reimagined efficiency, training and developmentCHRISTUS Health turned to WalkMe's Digital Adoption Platform to customize and simplify training. By creating a transparent overlay for the Infor ERP, and other key applications, CHRISTUS seamlessly added in-app help features to guide users through new and crucial technology while they work.
SilverCapgeminiCapgemini's HotDesk Delivers Increased Desk Utilization and Office Security Under COVID-19Capgemini's HotDesk tool was developed to help its HRO team monitor desk utilization. Leveraging automation capabilities built using Microsoft's Power Apps and SharePoint technology, the tool provides enhanced HR analytics, improved desk utilization, and increased office security.
SilverKaiser PermanenteBest Advance in Business AutomationKaiser Permanente's learning and awareness team partnered with the ethics and compliance intelligence team (ECI) to automate three manual processes leveraging available technologies. These automations helped advanced compliance governance capability, increased accountability to learners, expanded the support of continuing education units and saved significant time and money.
SilverPhelps Health and HealthcareSourceEngage and Retain Employees Through a Culture of Learning, Teaching and InnovationPhelps Health strives for every employee to have a development plan within 24 months of being hired, regardless of job level. In the first year of the program, Phelps achieved 55%, and in the second year 70% while using HealthcareSource's talent management suite.
SilverPMIGOLD Studio Rapid BuilderPMI's GOLD Studio Rapid Builder is a tool for rapid development of digital content, removing the need for graphic design or front-end development. This is a custom-created tool to automate production and creation of learning assets for a global audience at scale and speed.
BronzeTURKCELLRPA (ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION)Turkcell Academy is using robotic process automation to eliminate a significant number of repetitive workplace tasks. It reduces hours wasted on redundancy, helping to improve overall productivity.

Best Advance in Business Strategy

GoldMercer Consulting (India) Private LimitedBest Advance in Business StrategyMercer Strategy right-shored roles from Mercer Pacific to its global center in India to counter market dynamics, improve profitability and continue to be a key player in the superannuation market, which is facing massive changes. Right-shoring 2020 strategy saved $4.4 million, created an enhanced India workforce and positioned the business to meet new challenges.
SilverEstée Lauder Companies Inc. and Inno-VersityEstée Lauder Companies E-Commerce EssentialsEstée Lauder Companies accentuated its ecommerce business in the wake of the pandemic and launched the “Ecommerce Essentials’ program to accelerate knowledge and capability among staff. ELC partnered with Inno-Versity on short eLearning modules produced in Articulate Storyline.
BronzeDİVAN Divan Turizm İşletmeleri A.Ş. - Kokoa Agile Project Divan Tourism Group of Turkey used the "Kokoa Agile Project" to create fast and efficient business results using the principles of agile work.
BronzeICC Academy and KineoThe International Chamber of Commerce launch an e-commerce powered LMS for B2B and B2C audiencesThe International Chamber of Commerce Academy implemented a single LMS to manage its business strategy of meeting user needs for both B2B and B2C markets with ICC's mission to disseminate key information and learning content across all stakeholders and make business work for everyone, each day, everywhere.
BronzeLandmark Group, UAETOGETHER WE WIN - ONE CENTREPOINT BUSINESS TRANSFORMATIONLandmark Group, with a retail footprint across the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent, created a new centralized brand management approach to maximize customer experience, employee growth and business growth.

Best Advance in Managing a Remote Workforce

GoldACCENTURE SOLUTIONS PVT LTDBEST ADVANCE IN MANAGING A REMOTE WORKFORCEAccenture implemented a focused and creative remote workforce engagement strategy that resulted in a 22-point increase in the Net Promoter Score, representing a 14% reduction in the disengaged workforce and a reduction in the cost of disengaged employees by $6.2 million.
GoldAccenture Solutions Pvt. LtdFrom People experience to Life Experiences - Virtualization Journey of 130K PeopleWhen India went into lockdown, Accenture Technology India (ATCI) experienced titanic shifts in how and where 130,000 employees worked. ACTI focused on enablement, engagement and empowerment to ensure employee safety and equip employees with laptops and other resources to work from home to ensure seamless service delivery for clients.
GoldMetLife and NIITMetLife Distribution AcademyMetLIfe's Distribution Academy is tasked with leading and coordinating the efforts to "raise the bar" on distribution capability across the MetLife Enterprise. The Distribution Academy enables core and scalable solutions to be delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner to address strategic imperatives and business priorities and strengthen MetLife's distribution advantage.
GoldThe Honest CompanySafe Hybrid Work from Home Approach at The Honest CompanyThe Honest Company implemented its "Hybrid Work from Home" plan to manage a remote workforce during the pandemic. Guided by government authorities, CDC recommendations and company values, the company provided a safe working environment, expanded benefits and fostered a resilient culture to maintain operations and deliver on the company mission during a challenging year.
GoldTurkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. Turkcell ‘Flexible Work Model' Turkcell's "Flexible Work Model" enabled employees to work from outside the city where their office is located and from any location in the country or abroad when the job requirements are suitable for flexible work. In addition, employees can work from the office by making reservations for workspaces via mobile app.
SilverHP Inc. and AccentureFlex Your Sales Muscle CampaignThe Flex Your Sales Muscle campaign was a campaign of curated online learning and helpful resources to help the HP sales force through the transition to total virtual working during the COVID-19 pandemic.
SilverSamaritan's Purse and SciolytixSamaritan's Purse: Managing a Workforce of 9,000 Volunteers During the COVID CrisisOperation Christmas Child relies on 9,000+ volunteers each year to operate. The lockdown as a result of the pandemic in March 2020 threatened that operation and those who rely on them for support. The team quickly pivoted to using Sciolytix's DigitalChalk LMS to onboard and deliver content to thousands of volunteers so that in a matter of weeks, they could be functioning again and fulfill their mission.
BronzeGENPACTWork from AnywhereGenpact's Work from Anywhere model has allowed it to improve talent recruitment, achieve innovation, and create value for all stakeholders. Through rapid response teams, Genpact has helped its clients and enterprises set up remote work capabilities within days for their global workforces and fulfill their critical needs during these troubled times.
BronzeHCL America Inc.HCL's Managing a Remote Workforce StrategyHCL’s strategy for managing a remote workforce and how the strategy was effectively implemented.
BronzeMultiplier Brand Solutions Pvt Ltd and PanasonicONLINE ONBOARDING PROCESS & WORKFORCE MANAGEMENTMultiplier Brand Solutions designed a paperless onboarding process that helped the company have a well-informed salesforce to in a highly competitive market.

Best Advance in Predictive Analytics

GoldAccenture Solutions Private LimitedAccenture Capability Development - Crystal Ball"Crystal Ball" is a pathbreaking predictive analytics model that forecasts the monthly performance of the customer contact center advisors for a major client of Accenture. This enables timely interventions to enable the advisors to meet targets for a business-critical metric.
SilverPeopleScoutPeopleScout - Best Advance in Predictive Analytics with AffinixPeopleScout's Affinix Analytics gives visibility to historic recruiting performance by job class, requisition, location and by hiring manager. Most importantly, it provides predictive analytics so that the recruiting team can take action and optimize the talent process.

Best Approach to HCM Innovation

GoldChina Tourism Group Co., Ltd.Human Resources Informationization Project of China Tourism GroupChina Tourism Group's human resources digitalization project has improved the accessibility of HR business management so that business processes, systems, and HR resources can empower teams, leaders and the business at large.
GoldMcDonalds and ParadoxExperience and Efficiency: The Digital Transformation that Shaved More than Two Weeks Off McDonald’s Time-to-HireMcDonald's new HCM platform revolutionized recruiting, created hiring process efficiency and created incredible value for more than 11,000 restaurants in North America.
GoldProvidenceThe Evolution of Compliance Education: Using Qstream and the 70/20/10 and Push-Anchor-Pull Frameworks to Save Millions, Increase Engagement, and Drive Strategic Decisions with AnalyticsProvidence used the 70/20/10 framework and the Qstream platform to implement a learning solution that had substantial learning and business impacts. The framework, called Push-Anchor-Pull, guides development of compliance education, workforce upskilling, and capability building.
GoldRed Hat and WalkMeInnovation Through Digital Adoption and Decentralization: How One HCM implementation Sparked a Complete Culture ShiftRed Hat and WalkMe collaborated on an HCM implementation that sparked a complete culture shift. The implementation empowered Red Hat employees to take control of digital adoption across their own work streams by becoming "citizen developers."
GoldThe Coca-Cola CompanyOpportunity Marketplace: A Dynamic Resourcing PlatformCoca-Cola's "Opportunity Marketplace" is an internal web-based open talent marketplace that empowers Coca-Cola's workforce to connect and partner on short-term opportunities aligned to high-priority work. Opportunity Marketplace was created in response to the Covid-19 crisis in order to solve for the mismatch of workforce capacity and under-resourced, high-priority work.
SilverTurk TelekomThe Employee Experience Approach at Turk TelekomTürk Telekom’s approach to employee experience includes designing a high-value, integrated and end-to-end experience that aligns employees at the center of their business strategies and creates all perceptions of employees' interactions with the company.

Best Program for Upskilling Employees

GoldAbdi Ibrahim and ATOLYEPioneer of ChangeThe Pioneers of Change program arose out of the need for Abdi Ibrahim to gain innovation competencies in line with its 2025 vision and strategic plan. The program developed mentors and trainers to solve business problems and a system to spread human-centered design approach within the company.
GoldAssicurazioni Generali Spa and Accenture SpaWe LEARN: a New Way to the Future!Assicurazioni Generali partnered with Accenture to develop "We LEARN," a group-wide reskilling initiative focusing on foundational learning, advanced learning for specific group roles and new skills for evolving roles. We LEARN ensures a common learning experience through a new learning platform and a dedicated app.Leveraging on communication and change management activities, We LEARN has achieved the reskilling/upskilling target (50% employees reskilled by 2021) one year in advance and Generali intends to reach the entire workforce to grow and succeed in the digital age.
GoldCGIACCELERATE: CGI APAC's Digital 101 Upskilling ProgramCGI APAC realized the need to accelerate the upskilling their employees to ensure requisite skills for designing, building, and implementing innovative solutions using digital technologies to drive value for its clients. The focus was on capabilities in emerging technologies and scaling of internal capability development.
GoldEYFuture Advantage ProgramEY's Future Advantage Program provides learning, experiences, and coaching in the areas of technology and innovation skills. It consists of a framework of multiple elements that include Essentials, Pathways, Reverse Mentoring and FutureHack.
GoldGenpactBCM Talent AcademyGenpact's Talent Academy program is a long-term strategy for resourcing needs and retaining talent. It works to provide careers to those who are willing to learn and grow and enables continuous upskilling for the existing staff and internal talent mobilization.
GoldIBMHow IBM uses upskilling to increase eminence in strategic market segments: Cloud and cloud consulting servicesThe IBM Cloud Skills initiative is a new, company-wide upskilling program developed in response to a comprehensive skill gap analysis. IBM Business Units are growing the IBM Cloud skills they need at scale, which they couldn't do before this program began.
GoldMetLife and NIITMetLife Distribution AcademyThe Distribution Academy is tasked with "raising the bar" on distribution capability. It enables core and scalable solutions to be delivered in a timely and cost-efficient manner to address strategic imperatives and business priorities and strengthen MetLife's distribution advantage.
SilverAbbVie Inc. and IC AxonOperation: Accelerate"Operation Accelerate," developed jointly by AbbVie and IC Axon, is a collection of training tactics to support and build confidence in customer-facing teams within the new virtual selling landscape created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program included multi-modal tactics to help field teams understand and embrace the current virtual sales environment.
SilverHexaware Technologies LimitedBest Program for Upskilling Employees"Evolve" is the learning program of Hexaware that encourages consultants toward continuous learning and remaining up-to-date with the current technology landscape. It is an assessment-driven framework that tests technical, functional, and soft skills, and the application of these skills in daily action items.
SilverInfosys LimitedBuilding a Game-Changing Talent StrategyTalent acquisition is at the core of business growth and the ability to train and develop recruiters is truly a competitive advantage in this industry. This led to the founding of "TA Academy," an end-to-end talent development program for the global talent acquisition team of Infosys.
SilverLoblaw Companies LimitedAccelerated Pharmacy Assistant ProgramThe Pharmacy Assistant position in Shoppers Drug Mart stores experiences high turnover. The Accelerated Pharmacy Assistant Program allows internal front-line employees to upskill while also creating a pipeline of internally trained employees who can fill any gaps due to turnover.
SilverReliance Industries LimitedSuperskilling during Black Swan projectIn response to the critical challenges faced due to the pandemic and to eliminate audit resource co- sourcing/outsourcing, Reliance Industries developed a learning program to build future capabilities and enable employees to handle critical demands of self-sufficiency, efficiency and effectiveness.
SilverUST and StackRouteBootcamps - Skilling the UST way!The "Bootcamps" upskilling program, developed by UST and StackRoute, focuses on building leading-edge digital skills to reduce time to productivity and increase profitability. The objective is to provide immersive learning experiences and make learners ready to be productive from the first day of deployment.
BronzeAmazon and CoreAxis ConsultingAmazon Earned Trust - Upskilling EmployeesAmazon saw an epic surge in sales during the pandemic lockdown and needed to maintain that well-oiled machine nature of its warehouse and other operations. In digitizing its training, creating an employee enablement strategy and teaching their staff core values, Amazon experienced a positive cultural L&D shift that continues to bear fruit.
BronzeNCR and EncoraRetail Curriculum for NCR Customer EngineersNCR implemented a modular blended learning program to upskill Customer Engineers to adapt quickly to new equipment and technology by creating behavioral change in the way they access support materials, troubleshoot, and repair. Microlearning components were used to build the curriculum to ensure greater retention and allow for use in other areas of technical training.

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