Brandon Hall Group’s Certified Learning Strategist Program Builds Broad Capabilities to Equip Learning Professionals to Drive Business Impact and Grow Their Careers.

Some people may consider the phrase “what’s in it for me?” a negative response, especially in business. Organizations want employees to focus on the team, the business and the organization, and less on themselves. However, that simple question should be at the heart of everything the organization does that relates to its people. Employees should know how the tasks they perform, applications they use and learning they experience relate to them, their job and their journey. It’s not selfish. When employees relate and are engaged, outcomes improve dramatically. 

The same is true within the L&D function. Before learning organizations can fully transform learning to drive business performance, it must ensure its learning professionals understand what they gain personally while they help the organization advance. Brandon Hall Group’s new certification program focuses on competencies that empower learning professionals to build competencies that will drive their career growth while helping the L&D function and the company as a whole. It’s a compelling win-win-win.

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that organizations must be able to adjust to business conditions very quickly. Yet, as in other, less urgent digital transformations, learning professionals often find themselves at the tail end of the process, following wherever the rest of the business leads them. But organizations that successfully navigate these environments put their learning teams on the front lines of change. When learning professionals can take on a strategic role in the transformation, they can ensure their organizations have the skills required to meet the challenges presented — now and in the future.

However, agility has not always been a strong competency among learning professionals, so this has been a difficult promise to fulfill. Having agility as part of your learning DNA means being able to adapt and roll with the changes. These skills can make anyone in any learning role a valuable asset to any organization.

Too often, companies looked at agility, resilience and adaptability as exclusively organizational or functional attributes, focusing on strategies, processes and technologies to get them there. But it begins with individuals. Companies need people who can manage change and mitigate risk at all levels. Without a strong understanding of what makes a learning strategy impactful, learning professionals cannot expect to contribute to their highest potential. And this is true regardless of their current role. 

To help achieve this, Brandon Hall Group, the leading  L&D research and advisory firm, is launching the Certified Learning Strategist Program. The program is designed to instill individual learning professionals with the attributes required to make learning more strategic and have a real, lasting impact on the business.

The Certified Learning Strategist program has 24 wide-ranging competencies that enable learning professionals at all levels to step out of their traditional roles and become agents of strategic change. The goal is to give people in any learning role the knowledge and skills to speak the language of the business and help shape the future of their organization, rather than serve as passive spectators.

Learning professionals who earn the Certified Learning Strategist (CLS) designation will gain knowledge, insight and understanding on a variety of key strategic areas, including:

  • Design Thinking
  • Data Science
  • Ideation
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Learning Agility

All the skills incorporated are designed to help learning professionals build competencies that will drive their career growth while helping the L&D function and the company as a whole. It’s a compelling win-win-win.

The CLS program is a learning journey free of ratings or grades. It is focused solely on enabling learning professionals to understand and apply new competencies to drive business results in their organizations. Brandon Hall Group’s Learning and Development experts, with more than 120 years of collective experience, are available throughout the certification process to answer questions and provide support.

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-David Wentworth, Principal L&D Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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