At the UKG Connections analyst summit, the company provided a bright and shining way forward after a tumultuous year for many organizations. UKG unveiled a solid company strategy and a set of solutions to address the real challenges organizations will face in the year ahead. The theme was about working together and leading transformation in times of uncertainty. UKG clearly demonstrated that its approach to the market and helping customers is the top priority. What was very refreshing was the amount of time and attention devoted to providing a look into UKG’s culture and how it drives how they engage customers and build solutions. Because of the current environment, HR organizations report that finding great technological partners is its number-one priority and we believe UKG is that partner. 

UKG calls its philosophy “life-work tech” and it’s a game-changer.

“Life-work tech” is the idea that the line between life and work no longer exists. Employees will operate in an overlapping world of work and life to achieve their personal and professional goals. UKG has found new ways that technology can help to manage this balance.

UKG continues to drive innovation through its technologically advanced platform. What is genius about the platform is the delicate balance struck between technological prowess and a clean, intuitive look and feel that invites administrators and employees to use it. UKG has a broad HCM reach with its platform, including providing unique sentiment analysis, candidate matching and skills extraction. Now, through leveraging internal and external data sources coupled with its UKG Dimensions workforce management (WFM) product, the ability to capture the complete “voice” of the employee is possible — a breakthrough in better understanding the needs of every employee. This technological innovation will assist organizations in improving their workforce forecasting, recruitment, development and retention needs, and streamlining employee transactions. UKG’s functionality set is specifically designed to help organizations manage a complex hybrid working environment.

UKG’s product and service portfolio uniquely help its customers transform static data collection and analytics processes into predictive modeling. UKG customers have access to one of the most innovative people analytics approaches in the market. UKG enables customers to proactively see the future and anticipate workforce needs rather than just analyzing the past and reacting to whatever comes next. 

The world right now is in a constant state of flux and organizations are trying to cope with the uncertainty this state of flux has on their business and employee experiences. Organizations realize that they can’t go it alone and creating long-term mutually beneficial partnerships with key providers is a critical step to success. We believe UKG is not just an industry-leading technology provider but a great partner that organizations can rely on to help meet the future needs of work.

Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group
– Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition & Workforce Management, Brandon Hall Group

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Michael Rochelle

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