This year has been tumultuous — to say the least. It has been the kind of year that redefines “disruptive.” Large segments of the global workforce are working from home; many for the first time. Organizational priorities shifted overnight. Companies are rethinking the skills they need to be successful in a volatile near-future. Ultimately, the training function had to put its digital transformation into overdrive — even when many companies hadn’t begun to drive in the first place.

At this critical moment, organizations need to take a hard look at their workforce training strategy and the technology they use to put it into action. The void left by the cessation of in-person training led to a rush of digital solutions that may not have been completely thought through. To be successful, companies should use this time of disruption to create their ideal learning environment.

What does “ideal” mean? Different things to different organizations, of course, but there are some universal principles. Companies seeking to be competitive and successful in a post-pandemic world must approach workforce training with speed, precision and scale, and simplicity.

It’s a tall order, but the tools exist to make it happen. 

For precision, workforce training has to be built on a foundation of defined, measurable outcomes aligned with the business. No more training for training’s sake or “spray and pray” approaches. For speed, companies must find technology partners who can bring their strategy to life quickly and adapt as needs change. For scale, the technology must leverage its speed and precision for larger and more diverse, disparate and dispersed audiences. Simplicity is the thing that holds it all together. The technology must be easy to use for training administrators and end-users alike. A digital transformation can be challenging, so the technology shouldn’t make it harder.

For a deeper look at what a more optimized workforce training environment can look like, download our recent eBook here. We will also take a deeper dive into how to get there in a February webinar in partnership with Realizeit.

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