By Daria Friedman, Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition, Brandon Hall Group

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Organizations face many external challenges when sourcing candidates to fill their talent needs. There are talent shortages in most industries, stiff competition for talent and the constant need to identify new talent due to high attrition and continuing vacancies.

Sometimes the challenges are of the organizations’ own making. Their recruiting efforts may not be targeted at minority or underserved talent pools, such as veterans, the disabled, women who left the workforce etc. Other times, they may not be using the right metrics to identify the most effective channels. Or, they lack technology that can help streamline sourcing and make it more effective.

And yet, sourcing is crucial to talent-acquisition success. It contributes to candidate quality, quality of hire and most importantly, whether the organization will have the talent needed to achieve its goals.

Recruiters and sourcers must be equipped with the resources they need to find quality talent. Attend this webinar to discover the best practices for sourcing and how some of the newer technology solutions can turbocharge your sourcing efforts — and results.

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–Daria Friedman, Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition, Brandon Hall Group

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