When Shopping for an LMS, Look for a Partner

To learn more about finding a technology partner, take a look at the L&D teams that spend a lot of time supporting their customers and keeping them happy. And many are even active in their own company’s customer experience when they provide customer training. Brandon Hall Group Preferred Provider LearnUpon understands that when it comes to technology, the L&D team gets to be the customer and should be treated as such. They provide complete end-to-end support throughout their client partnerships, complete with dedicated onboarding specialists, customer success managers and customer support teams. For a deeper dive at what goes into successfully choosing the right technology partner, watch our on-demand webinar.

Hybrid Work Requires a Human Touch

Brandon Hall Group teamed up with Smartchoice Preferred Provider Class Technologies to present a webinar that looks at ways to keep the human connection in what has become a somewhat isolated and remote work world. In situations where people can’t gather together in person for learning, it is critical to think about how technology can be used to approximate that connectivity. The webinar will explore what worked and what hasn’t during the pandemic and its impact on the learning culture.

Seeing is Believing: Video for Learning

For all the talk of adapting learning to meet the natural ways people learn, video seems like a no-brainer. We all watch videos, probably at least once a day. Whether it’s to get a quick how-to or observe a cat falling into a fish tank, online videos are a ubiquitous element of everyday life. The technology to incorporate video abounds, especially now that smartphones record video in high definition. Video can be used as pre-work for a class, an element within a course, as a follow-up activity and as a part of a continuous, flow-of-work learning experience.

Inside Out – Training the Extended Enterprise

Begin your new year by joining me for a webinar with Patrick Devlin of Meridian Knowledge Solutions as we explore the extended enterprise and how technology makes it easier to reach more learning audiences. We strongly encourage any HR/Learning professionals to invite others from their organization who may be in marketing, operations, sales, or any other function that needs to communicate and train the extended enterprise.

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