Is Staff Augmentation Right for Your Learning Organization?

Whether your learning organization is faced with a hiring freeze, too many projects to be handled by too few staff members, or specific skills gaps related to new learning technologies or modalities, an excellent option to consider is staff augmentation. Brandon Hall Group SmartChoice® Platinum Preferred Provider ELB Learning is a full-service learning provider that offers staff augmentation as well as other learning services.

Brandon Hall Group to Launch Study on Partnering with Employees on their Career Development

Employees have their thoughts on their personal and professional development and advancement. Organizations have their own thoughts. Marrying the two is the only way to ensure career development and advancement is mutually beneficial. Brandon Hall Group’s newest research in career development seeks to uncover the ways successful organizations create partnerships between managers and employees when it comes to career pathing and advancement.

Rethinking Your Talent Management Technology Strategy

Once you understand your talent and technology priorities, you can create a strategy for upgrading technology over time to meet future needs. Again, it is helpful if you collaborate across functions to build your talent management technology strategy and have an executive sponsor from the business side. If your organization also needs other types of HCM technologies, you should be working together to create an overall HCM technology strategy. 

2019 HCM Excellence Awards 2019 Winners Announced During Live Webcast

2019 HCM Excellence Awards 2019 Winners Announced During Live Webcast

The results of Brandon Hall Group’s 2019 HCM Excellence Awards were announced in a live webcast. Hundreds of organizations applied to showcase programs that help their employees succeed in the…