Explorance Uncovers Uncommon Insights through Technology and Partnership 

Rarely does one leave a technology provider’s user conference equally impressed with their culture and compassion and their ability to help employers create and uncover more value from their workforce. But that was my reaction to Explorance’s MTMImpact conference, an impressive mix of data analytics evangelism, technology innovation and sincere customer care, complemented by charitable giving to local community organizations in the host city of New Orleans.

Mastering the Customer Education Journey

Brandon Hall Group’s recorded webinar, “Mastering the Customer Education Journey, from Awareness to Advocacy,” featuring Nick Eriksen, CTO of SmartChoice® Silver Preferred Provider Eurekos, covers research on extended enterprise learning and customer training, and provides a detailed breakdown of the most successful way to approach the customer training journey, from Pre-Sales to Onboarding to Ongoing Retention.

Leadership Development with Impact

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Bronze Preferred Provider AllenComm helps its clients build effective leadership development programs with a focus on training metrics. By beginning with learning measurement that is focused on organizational needs and goals, AllenComm helps develop leadership skills at all levels. It begins with a full analysis of what skills gaps exist and to what extent, then bringing in the right content, experiences, and technology to match those needs.

Lapses in Measuring Learning’s Impact Are Sabotaging America’s Corporations

Companies are not very good at measuring learning that is not formal in nature and rely far too heavily on basic metrics such as completion rates and smile sheets. This lack of measurement effectiveness is revealed in Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Learning Measurement Study results, which show that this shortsightedness prevents companies from transforming learning into a strategic influencer of the business. The study also finds that organizations should be less concerned with the specific ROI of learning and focus on learning’s impact on business outcomes instead.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, July 13-17, 2020

Brandon Hall Group research shows that the remote workforce will remain two to three times larger than before the coronavirus pandemic. The third edition of the remote work playbook and an eBook and webinar on upskilling and managing learning during and after the pandemic provides critical resources you need to successfully manage the crisis.

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