Doing More with Less: Striking the Right Balance in L&D

One area where companies can streamline L&D processes is in the content realm. Companies spend a considerable time and money managing the content process, including procurement, creation and management. The back-end of the content process includes many transactional, repetitive tasks. Additionally, companies typically have poor vision into what content already exists and often duplicate efforts creating material that could have simply been repurposed. Unfortunately, cost-saving measures such as leveraging the company’s intranet or existing SharePoint sites to manage learning content can make things worse. If the content is hard to find, it will just get remade. The longer the problem persists, the worse it gets.

Learning Content Lifecycle Management: The Next Big Thing in L&D?

An LCLM solution lets an organization get more granular about who owns content and whether it needs to be reviewed, updated, or archived. The use of smart keywords, deep search, and filters make for quick and easy retrieval. This all leads to direct, real-world benefits. Companies can be sure that the material learners are exploring is the most current, relevant material at that moment – critical in the era of self-directed skill building. It also gives content creators confidence that they aren’t duplicating efforts since they know exactly what is available to learners. This kind of insight is not available via an LMS or an LXP alone.