Face-to-Face vs. Digital Learning — The Future Is Not Either/Or

The pandemic does not mean the end of the classroom. Face-to-face training may be on hiatus but it will return, though maybe not at pre-2020 levels In fact, in Brandon Hall Group’s Learning Strategy Survey, 94% of companies said that redesigning the classroom experience was at least somewhat important to helping them achieve business goals. Nearly one-third said it was critical. As we head in that direction, companies will need to get far more innovative at combining digital with the richness of ILT in blended learning solutions.

Transitioning Learning for a Remote Environment

Organizations’ leaders have been considering the digital transformation of learning for a long time but have been very slow to put anything substantial in place. The pandemic required this transition to occur almost overnight. Organizations must take this opportunity to truly transform their learning strategy and the technology they use to make it a reality. They must look toward sustainable, impactful solutions, rather than temporary measures.