By Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

Great news for enterprise technology and software-development professionals

Skillsoft recently announced its complete Technology and Developer content portfolio is now available on Percipio, the company’s innovative learning-experience platform.

In a world where improving learning is tantamount to driving business performance, the secret sauce is creating a personalized learning experience for even the most technically minded learner. The challenge is, how do you take highly technical information and make it fun and engaging without diluting the importance of the content? Skillsoft’s Percipio platform provides a unique solution for solving this problem.

Skillsoft content is making a difference

Skillsoft added three interesting components to their content strategy for technical training: Practice Labs, TestPreps and Ask a Mentor. Integrating this new content strategy into Percipio allows learners to access a singular experience for acquiring knowledge, developing skills, demonstrating mastery of the skills and significantly improving their ability to pass a certification exam. This approach also provides learners and administrators a single source for reporting on test scores and completion data.

  • Practice Labs provides learners with a live practice lab environment nestled in a safe trial-and-error environment, allowing learners to learn without consequence.
  • TestPreps offers learners the ability to take tests in an untimed environment, which also provides a self-help approach to guide learners in identifying and understanding the correct answer. The “Exam Mode” function simulates a real test in a timed environment, allowing learners to see their scores.
  • Ask a Mentor offers free online office hours with Skillsoft’s certified IT experts and access to real-time assistance for learners on a wide variety of subjects. With a simple click, they can launch a chat session or send email to an expert.

Skillsoft now provides a multi-modal learning strategy supported by Percipio for the enterprise-technology and software-development professional. Leveraging the Watch, Read, Listen of Percipio plus Practice to the functionality portfolio, Skillsoft is providing organizations with an agile, flexible and adaptable approach that keeps their IT groups on the leading edge of digital transformation.

Strategic partnerships add depth and breadth of IT-related video courses and certification training

Skillsoft recently formed strategic partnerships with ITProTV and Loonycorn, organizations that are video course providers for the IT industry. The partnerships will deliver hundreds of additional hours of IT-related courses and certification training to Skillsoft customers and will complement Skillsoft’s comprehensive Technology and Developer content portfolio.

Skillsoft will add more than 400 hours of ITProTV video content to address a range of IT certifications. The videos feature a two-instructor and dual-host format to maximize learner engagement. The primary focus of the learning is for vendor certifications and technical skills training. The content was developed by subject matter experts and will be available on Skillsoft’s SkillPort and Percipio platforms, covering a wide range of topics, including Cyber Ops, Cloud and Security.

In line with Skillsoft’s focus on providing the highest quality and most engaging learning content, Loonycorn excels at teaching complex technology topics, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Big Data and Computer Science. To meet the growing demand for training on these topics, Loonycorn and Skillsoft are producing an “AI Development with Tensorflow” course. Stay tuned for more exciting and innovative offerings from these strategic partnerships.

The Skillsoft differentiators 

Skillsoft provides a unique solution for addressing the need for a comprehensive learning journey with curated content to help organizations build IT skills for the future that includes:

  • A way for prevailing technology certifications to validate the skill/capability of the IT professional
  • Leveraging multi-modal solutions to promote both choice and depth of learning resources for the IT professional
  • Rounding out technical skills with foundational leadership and business skills to help IT professionals advance in their career
  • A breadth of key transformative topics to address the need for developing new, improved and emerging skills by the IT professional.

Michael Rochelle @MichaelRochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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