Saba Firmly Commits to Helping HR Pros Link their People and Technology to Business Outcomes with Acquisition of Lumesse

Saba is poised to have their clients enter an unprecedented era of talent-development innovation. Saba has been working diligently on reinventing itself into a powerhouse of integrated talent management. Many providers just talk about integrated talent management and others think it means mashing up learning and talent technology into some kind of sausage sleeve of functionality. Saba is talking the talk and walking the walk.

The Halogen acquisition by Saba was a clear and definitive move toward making its vision of integrating people into technology solution development a reality. HR leaders need to create a molecular bond between learning, talent development and individual and organizational performance. Saba is going for the 1+1=3 approach by proving to the market that there is exponential value in having a combined expertise model of market leaders in the space under one roof to forge this molecular bond for the HR professional.

Which brings us to the latest stroke of brilliance by Saba: the acquisition of Lumesse.

Saba’s acquisition of Lumesse brings together two top providers in the talent space. Lumesse clearly is a strategic acquisition and will provide unique opportunities for Saba in the EU, APAC and the US marketplaces.

The addition of Lumesse to Saba’s product portfolio further deepens Saba’s breadth and depth of functionality in the talent space and, in particular, talent acquisition. The expertise gained through the Lumesse acquisition across talent acquisition, talent development, and talent management further solidifies Saba’s position as an industry leader in the talent management space.

The acquisition also takes Saba to a new level of scale globally, which will assist Saba in competing even more effectively with other global HCM suite providers. An expanded partnership network will broaden and accelerate the reach of Saba worldwide and bolster localization of products and services.

Organizations of all sizes and industry sectors should sit up and take notice of Lumesse’s robust talent-acquisition platform. Organizations will also be impressed with Lumesse’s learning-experience platform and content capabilities which will be synergistic with Saba’s industry-leading learning platform. Both organizations have many years of experience in the technology space and organizations should also look forward to exciting innovations in the user interface and user experience, and highly innovative product development roadmap.

Saba has always been a customer-centric organization as well as Lumesse. Customers of both organizations will now enjoy an unparalleled level of service and commitment to quality. These are both highly motivated teams and are advocates for their customers.

Focusing on the talent acquisition market further, Lumesse has been an industry leader in the EU with its platform. A highly respected depth of functionality has made Lumesse’s talent acquisition offering a first choice for many organizations. Bringing this level of expertise and functionality to the Saba client base will provide another state of the art technological choice to an already exciting portfolio of products offered by Saba. Lumesse’s prowess in talent acquisition will also enhance Saba’s ability to effectively compete with other point solutions and suite providers as many technology providers scramble to make their mark in the exploding talent acquisition technology market.

Saba has clearly positioned itself as a connoisseur of great acquisitions. Lumesse’s acquisition on the heels of the Halogen acquisition has sent a strong message to the market that Saba is firmly committed to bringing its customers the best product and service offerings.

Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group