On Wednesday, July 14, Perceptyx acquired Waggl, an employee voice platform and CultureIQ, a culture management solution. This made immediate sense due to Perceptyx’s unique blend of technology and service. For those not yet aware of Perceptyx, they’re an employee survey and people analytics vendor that creates engagements built upon listening to employees through their technology, then providing guidance to act upon those insights. (Brandon Hall Group members may read Perceptyx Solution Provider Profile here).

These acquisitions were not spur-of-the-moment decisions. In the case of Waggl, Perceptyx has been in discussion with them for over a year. In the end, though, the ability to create even more meaningful data, enabling organizations to be more insights-driven was too much of an opportunity to ignore. Now, Perceptyx can continue to differentiate by creating a continuous conversation between the workforce and the organization that generates immediate and actionable insights.

A recurring theme in recent Brandon Hall Group research and corporate interviews is that many organizations struggle with expressing and maintaining their culture in the face of an increasingly remote workforce. Perceptyx strengthened the ability to gather end-to-end insights by bringing the employee voice into the organizational decision-making process in real-time. Leaders can immediately act upon employee feedback rather than reacting to things that already happened, which is often the case in traditional data analysis. 

Daniel Norwood, VP of Marketing at Perceptyx agrees. “The pandemic clearly demonstrated organizations’ critical need for immediate and actionable insights into employee concerns. The addition of Waggl to the Perceptyx portfolio further elevates the employee voice and allows organizations to quickly focus action on things that matter most to employees.”

In addition, the acquisition of CultureIQ helps meet the business need of imparting culture due to its strong, proven understanding of culture and how to improve it. Perceptyx customers will now be able to better pinpoint their cultural strengths and weaknesses and further align culture with strategy in the new work-anywhere world.

Overall, this is a happy alignment for all involved. The Perceptyx platform will be explored further in a Brandon Hall Group briefing next month, but for now, the main takeaway is that Perceptyx’s ability to listen to employees and give immediate and actionable insights to the organization is stronger than ever, at the exact time when organizations need it the most.  

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