The Resurgence of ILT

LearnUpon, which positions itself as an Extended Enterprise LMS, has recently revamped its Instructor-Led Training Center, resulting in several functionality improvements and a new interface to ensure delivering ILT is more flexible, efficient, and user-friendly than ever before.

Is Staff Augmentation Right for Your Learning Organization?

Whether your learning organization is faced with a hiring freeze, too many projects to be handled by too few staff members, or specific skills gaps related to new learning technologies or modalities, an excellent option to consider is staff augmentation. Brandon Hall Group SmartChoice® Platinum Preferred Provider ELB Learning is a full-service learning provider that offers staff augmentation as well as other learning services.

Bring Customers On Board at Speed with the Right Customer Education Strategy

Please join Brandon Hall Group and Nick Eriksen, CTO at Eurekos, for our 60-minute webinar, “Mastering the Customer Education Journey, from Awareness to Advocacy,” on February 21, 2023, at 1:00 pm EST. We will share research, insights, and examples to help attendees understand how their organization can leverage effective learning for lead generation, customer acquisition, and post-sale relationships that lead to increased customer retention, loyalty and advocacy.  

From Learning to Doing

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice® Silver Preferred Provider Vertex Professional Services works with theirclient partners to imbue these concepts into the development and delivery of their learning. And they do it within some of the most high-stakes, complex environments in existence like aerospace, military, and defense.

The Evolution of the Learning Experience

Brandon Hall Group recently partnered with Smartchoice® Platinum Preferred Provider Docebo on a webinar exploring the personalization of the learning journey. The session incorporated results from our recent survey, Building Personalized Learning Across the Organization. The data highlighted some of the challenges around personalization at scale, as well as which elements are most critical for getting personalization right.