OVA, an innovative Immersive Computing leader, won the highly-coveted Brandon Hall Group Silver Award for Excellence in the Technology category. OVA’s win was announced on December 14th, 2017. The winners are listed at http://www.brandonhall.com/excellenceawards/excellence-technology.php?year=2017#Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology.

The project was the result of a collaboration between OVA, the company that developed the software; Co-DOT, the research laboratory who provided the cognitive sciences expertise; and Ville de Québec, the client via its programme Vitrine Technologique.

The outcome of the project is a civil security collaborative immersive simulation that simultaneously prepare supervisors (police, fire, paramedic, civil security) to adequately manage a threat in a public place. The trainees were unanimous that it greatly reduced the logistics and costs associated with this kind of training. Most of them also noted that it greatly stimulated information retention and that it trained necessary field reflexes.


Harold Dumur, OVA’s Chief Executive Officer, often says, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and this time he specifies how, “this phrase embodies the project as a whole. Not only does it reflect how we went about the project, but it also rings true to the collaborative spirit that was at the heart of it all. As this award recognizes the cutting-edge technology we’ve developed at OVA, it’s also a promise that in the years to come, people will be able to collaborate in virtual reality all the more often. At OVA, we love to think that we can change the world. Today, we are more than happy to receive this Excellence in Technology Award from the prestigious Brandon Hall Group; proof that our virtual and augmented world echoes our lives in the ‘real’ world.”

“Human capital management is evolving faster than at any time in its history, and it is powered by innovative technology developed and implemented by organizations big and small,” said Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer of Brandon Hall Group and head of the awards program. “The technology innovators who won Excellence Awards this year were focused on providing users with a better overall experience. That is what our research says employers want, and our award winners are leading the way.”

Mike Cooke, Chief Executive Officer of Brandon Hall Group, said, “Our technology award winners are truly outstanding and set a high bar for others. We have learned a great deal from what they have accomplished. The awards programs supplement our quantitative research in providing our team with unique insights to share with our members and clients.”

A panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, and Brandon Hall Group senior analysts and executives evaluated the entries based upon the following criteria:

  • Product: What was the product’s breakthrough innovation?
  • Unique Differentiators: What makes the product unique and how does it differ from any competing products?
  • Value Proposition: What problem does the product solve and/or what need does this product address?
  • Measurable Results: What benefits can customers expect to experience as a result of using this product?


About OVA

OVA is an immersive computing company. OVA’s next-level virtual and augmented reality tools and services empower organizations to reach new summits. Specifically, OVA’s Civil Security and Public Security platform and services have drastically simplified interoperability training logistics and greatly reduced asset mobilization costs. Our platform is a tool that improves retention, quickly develop field reflexes, and allows the effective measurement of crisis management skills acquisition.

About Co-Dot

Co-DOT is a research laboratory for the study of human Cognition, its Distribution across individuals, its Organization when dealing with complex situations and the Technologies that can augment its capacity. The laboratory is designed to conduct research on complex Command & Control (C2) tasks and addresses team cognition challenges, using simulations of crisis management and strategic planning or decision making for complex situations. The Co-DOT laboratory (www.co-dot.ulaval.ca) specializes in the investigation of means to increase human performance at the individual and team levels. 

About Brandon Hall Group, Inc. 

With over 10,000 clients globally, and 25 years of renowned world-class research and advisory services, Brandon Hall Group is the most reputable and established research organization in the performance improvement industry. Brandon Hall Group has an extensive repository of thought leadership, research and expertise in Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition and Human Resources (www.brandonhall.com).

For more details regarding the immersive simulation, click here: https://vimeo.com/230937675/a554211762

Rachel Cooke

Chief Operating Officer Rachel Cooke Rachel is responsible for business operations including overseeing client services, research events and project management. Prior to joining Brandon Hall Group, Rachel was the Chief Operating Officer Co-founder of AC Growth. Rachel has over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, and sales performance management. Prior to AC Growth, she held several senior management roles and was on the leadership team at Bersin & Associates, a pioneer analyst firm in e-learning and now industry leading HR and talent Research Company. In her Senior Director role, Rachel developed the strategy and led the commercial execution of the solution provider vertical, and grew the vertical into the company’s largest market segment. In her role as Director of Sales, Rachel developed and led a team of senior account executives focused on acquiring global strategic accounts. Rachel was solely responsible for developing key business relationships with over ninety companies including industry icons, such as: Adidas, Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, Oracle, Starbucks, Avnet, Boeing, Kaiser Permanente, Safeway Inc., Wells Fargo, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Clorox and Affiliated Computer Services. Rachel began her career in the banking, media and hospitality industries. In these industries, Rachel held several key senior management and executive sales positions. Rachel received a BA in social science and interdisciplinary studies with honors from Florida Atlantic University. Rachel continued her postgraduate education by completing a series of executive management education courses from American Management Association.