growthWhenever I find myself with a particularly long back-to-back travel schedule, I’m reminded how important it is for us to pull out the nuggets of information that are often overlooked in our industry. It is easy to look up the press releases and marketing announcement from each event, but not so easy for everyday buyers to see the behind-the-scenes insights we gather as analysts. So I’ve taken a few minutes to capture some interesting nuggets, along with the most relevant updates, from each of my trips this year.

Although each individual event I’ve attended had its own unique flavor – a few themes came out loud and clear:

Solution providers are focused on:

  • Consumer-driven technology. Everyone has their eye on how consumer based technology is driving change in enterprise and corporate tools.  End users expect it and Businesses need it.
  • Next-generation work environment. Everyone is talking about the future of work – what it looks like, how it is done, and who is doing it. They all reference it – but few are prepared.
  • Data-driven world. We are entering a world where data gathered from a multitude of sensors and systems will help us make faster, and hopefully better, decisions both professionally and personally.
  • Truly mobile learning. Learning and Development is the center of the world when it comes to true talent management, but it is most relevant when you can place it in the work environment, at the point of need.

The end-users are focused on this:

  • Tools and data integration. They need and want people to help them simplify and integrate their data. They don’t necessarily want a single platform, but they want an easy path to data analysis.
  • Resources shortages. Almost every customer I spoke with discussed the need for more help and guidance from their solution providers. They have limited resources and time to leverage the systems to their fullest extent.

Reducing the confusion. Unless they are lucky enough to have the full-time job of simply researching technology and service providers, most end-users spend less than a quarter of their time researching and understanding the solution provider market for their industry. They are looking for good advice.

Stacey Harris

Vice President, Research and Advisory Services
Stacey Harris

Stacey Harris oversees Brandon Hall Group’s research strategy and agenda, solution provider relations, and advisory services. Prior to joining Brandon Hall Group, Harris was with Bersin & Associates. In her most recent role as director of HR and talent management research, she launched the company’s HR practice and led key research initiatives in strategic HR, talent strategy, organization and governance, measurement, and total rewards. Harris also served as director of strategic services for three years and worked with companies such as McDonald’s, Lockheed Martin, Cisco, and Pfizer on a variety of mission-critical talent initiatives.Harris has also held leadership roles at Jo-Ann Stores, MRI International, and Keybank.Harris's background includes experience leading enterprise-wide change management initiatives and technology implementations, business process alignments, and the design and implementation of integrated organizational effectiveness solutions including measurement strategies.