“Do more with less” has been the Learning & Development mantra for as far back as anyone can remember, but the pandemic turned this unwritten rule into a critical mission statement. L&D budgets are down and the outlook for the immediate future is uncertain at best. Yet however, organizations have never relied on learning as heavily as they do now. A newly remote workforce has required a new wave of digital learning to help rapidly upskill and reskill the workforce as roles and businesses changed almost overnight.

Learning has had to become much more digital, agile and flexible. And while some of the authoring tools that companies have been using have been up to the task, many teams struggle with content stuck in outmoded formats. Content development cycles are too long to meet rapidly changing business needs.

Different industries are facing their own specific challenges. In retail, for example, companies had to adjust how their front-line employees handle customers in a pandemic environment and the rules continue to change frequently. For financial institutions, those with branch locations face similar challenges, along with the need to keep up with concerned clients and increased regulatory scrutiny. These dramatic, rapid changes require L&D to be able to generate high-quality content quickly.

In most cases, that means looking beyond traditional desktop authoring applications and leveraging a next generation authoring tool instead. A next generation tool typifies democratized content creation. They are cloud-based, allow for multiple authors, and do not require extensive development experience. This means that first class content can be created by traditional authors, subject matter experts, and the learners themselves.

These tools not only help both authors and learners, they also help the business by saving time and money while allowing better learning experiences to be created more quickly. A true next generation tool makes it possible for users to create engaging, impactful content so they can quickly share their knowledge and skills with peers. Leveraging user-generated content will be imperative if learning must do more with less. 

If you want to learn more about what a next generation authoring tool looks like and how it can help your organization, take a look at Brandon Hall Group Preferred Provider Elucidat. You can book a personalized demo with them to see how this tool can help you overcome your biggest digital learning challenges. 

David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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