Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Performance Management Study reveals how the process is broken and provides ways it can be fixed

Performance management was broken long before the COVID-19 pandemic. But the pandemic did what years of prior advocacy for performance management reinvention could not: change the focus from evaluations to manager-employee interactions.

“The focus on the manager-employee partnership to aid performance may improve the business impact of performance, which remains elusive,” said Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke. “On average, only 28% (on average) said it has a positive impact.”

Brandon Hall Group COVID-19 research shows employees are battling stress, anxiety and distractions while working from home. About 40% of organizations say productivity dropped during the pandemic and employees suffer from burnout and fatigue.

“Manager-employee interactions need to address those things, as well as competency and skills development and career aspirations, both of which get little discussion during current check-ins,” said Brandon Hall Group SVP of Research Claude Werder. “Even the impact of world events on employees gets more discussion than their opportunities for advancement.”

Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Performance Management Study provides a snapshot of the current state, plus actionable insights, strategies and tactics to bridge the gaps and better align PM with business goals

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