As we head into the summer months, many corporations come to a slow down, but not yours! Nor ours. In fact, we are delivering increasing amounts of research-based solutions that empower excellence in our member organizations.

In the month of May, we have published nearly 50 new assets to our membership library. This includes new research pieces, case studies, solution provider profiles, webinars, articles and podcast. One of our newest assets are our DataNow Snapshots.

DataNow® Snapshots provide highlights of Brandon Hall Group research and illustrate how the data can be filtered by organization size, revenue, corporate performance, and more, using DataNow®, Brandon Hall Group’s interactive HCM research tool.

We will generate many reports and tools from these three studies but welcome HCM professionals to take a look at the complimentary DataNow® Snapshots on these reports.

HCM Technology: What Buyers Want 2017 (Download)

Brandon Hall Group data from the 2017 HCM Technology Study reveals the priorities of HCM technology buyers, their satisfaction with current technology, and what they want from their next HCM technology provider.

State of Talent Acquisition (Download)
Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 State of Talent Acquisition Practices Study provides a big-picture look at talent acquisition from sourcing through onboarding. It examines the criticality of organizations’ practices and how effectively they implement those practices. In addition, it explores talent acquisition budget allocations, the extent to which talent acquisition practices impact quality of hire, and more.

Knowledge Sharing (Download)
There is a vast array of knowledge that exists within every organization. It can take the form of documents, videos and other materials, as well as simply within the heads of the employees. It is critical that companies move that knowledge quickly and easily throughout the organization, making it available to the people who need it, when and where they need it. The study reveals important details on how organizations embrace knowledge sharing, but struggle to actually do it.

Stay tuned for content from these studies:

  • Learning Technology 2017: What Buyers Want
  • Competency Planning and Management
  • HCM Technology Spending
  • Learning Content Development 2017

Studies slated to launch over the next month include:

  • Performance Management
  • Training Benchmarking
  • Succession Management

If you would like to tour our member center and learn more about the scope of the research, email to schedule a demo and trial access.