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Here’s a link for free access to a recent asset, DataNow® Snapshot: 2018 Wellness and Well-Being Study.

And here’s a list of other recent additions to the Member Center:

  • SAP’s Newest Gamification Focuses on Team Learning In a Virtual World Journey (Tech Review)
  • Thought Industries Empowers Clients to Create and Manage Multi-Tenant (Tech Review)
  • EY’s Robotics Automate Tedious Tasks, Saving Time For Higher-Value Activities (Tech Review)
  • Learning Technologies and eLearning: Why You Can’t Have One Before the Other (Webinar)
  • Solution Provider Profile: SmartRecruiters (2018)
  • Expertus Marries Best LMS Desk-top Functions To Mobile Learning (Tech Review)
  • Solution Provider Profile: Geenio Limited (2018)
  • Moments that Matter: Making Sense of the Modern Learner (Webinar)
  • Unleashing the Value of Mobile Learning (Member contribution)
  • Benchmarking Your Assessment Practices (Tool to Use)
  • Solution Provider Profile: SmartBuilder (2018)
  • Solution Provider Profile: Easygenerator (2018)
  • Two Keys to a Successful Learning Strategy (Research Summary)
  • Solution Provider Profile: Mindflash (2018 )
  • Skillsoft’s Learning Innovation on Full Display at Perspectives 2018 (Blog)
  • 5 Inescapable Trends of Modern HR (2018 Research Brief)
  • Solution Provider Profile: Community Brands (2018)
  • HCM Benefits in the Cloud: How Technology is Driving a Better Experience
  • Solution Provider Profile: Adobe Captivate Prime (2018)
  • Solution Provider Profile: Bloomfire (2018)
  • Using Data to Drive Learning and Development Planning (webinar)
  • Solution Provider Profile: Avilar (2018)
  • Solution Provider Profile: Pathgather (2018)
  • Solution Provider Profile: Paychex (2018)
  • Solution Provider Profile: Scout (2017)
  • Maximizing Coaching as a Driver of Business Success (eBook)
  • Solution Provider Profile: WorkForce Software (2018)

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