Most HR organizations (47%) see themselves at the “developing stage” of HR service delivery, meaning that along with their core HR processes, they have implemented some long-term plans, Brandon Hall Group research found. While that is positive, it also means many organizations were not prepared to handle the events of 2020, and may not be ready for future challenges from such a more digital and mobile workforce.


Boca Raton, FL, June 23, 2021 — Many HR teams said a lack of organizational readiness (42%) was the biggest challenge outside of budget and time constraints, according to Brandon Hall Group’s research summary, How, Where & Why Is HR Service Best Delivered.

Without the right organizational mindset and support, even the best-designed policies will fail. One way to overcome this challenge is to have a more robust HR governance policy. But only one in five organizations said they had a council or group that regularly reviews HR policies and adjusts — but that is the type of organizational support that creates readiness for change.

The massive shift to a remote workforce brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic led to HR services tasked with ensuring the workforce is moving toward full digitalization. This is no simple task since, to much of the new work-from-home groups, the technology may be new, Brandon Hall Group said.

“Focus on the future — not by prediction, but with agility,” said Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst for Workforce Management Practice and Talent Acquisition at Brandon Hall Group. “Only 14% of organizations see themselves at the top of the maturity curve and this concern holds many organizations back: prioritizing employee experience for the present and foreseeable future. 

“That does not mean having one plan for the present and another for what might happen later, but having a structure and model that allows for rapid shifts in the HR service model, as necessary,” Stevenson said. “Being nimble is more important than be strong.”

There is no perfect HR service delivery model, just one that is right for your organization. But Brandon Hall Group said:

  • Be creative with technology, but first ensure it can handle the basics. 
  • Create a proper HR service delivery governance structure. 
  • Train your HR team in Design Thinking. 

More organizations are moving toward a centralized model — decentralized or hybrid — that still only represents a little more than half of organizations,” said Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke. “What works at one company might not work for yours, it has more to do with your business and the disbursement of your workforce.”

HR services are prioritizing performance management, compensation and benefits, and diversity and inclusion. It is obvious why they must take a more strategic and impactful role in their organizations — but without proper governance and readiness, they will be unable to fulfill these priorities at the top of their abilities, Brandon Hall Group research reveals.

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