Organizations are finally realizing that one of the biggest challenges to delivering truly impactful learning is an inability to measure and demonstrate training effectiveness and its impact on business outcomes. In Brandon Hall Group’s Transforming Learning for the Future of Work study, the number three challenge facing L&D teams is that “we don’t know how to measure learning well enough to ensure the future skills development we need will be achieved.” The same study finds that the number one skill that will be important for L&D teams to address future of work requirements is data and analytics. The story continues as BHG’s Learning Technology Ecosystem study finds that the number one reason organizations look for new L&D technologies or technology providers is to get better data and analytics.

Getting better at properly analyzing available data in a way that provides meaningful insights is critical to the business for many reasons. In fact, according to Brandon Hall Group research, improving learning analytics is the number two learning priority for achieving business goals. Unfortunately, few organizations build their programs based on specific, measurable training metrics. 

Brandon Hall Group Smartchoice Bronze Preferred Provider AllenComm knows that learning measurement is not an endpoint but is part of the DNA of learning content. Without proper measurement, L&D teams are unable to uncover any positive or negative trends in their learning programs, relying solely on completion rates and smile sheets to measure training effectiveness. AllenComm’s instructional designers provide their clients with a comprehensive needs analysis that clearly defines exactly what outcomes the content needs to achieve, and they build to that. 

This is achieved through AllenComm’s performance mapping framework, which is built on the Kirkpatrick Levels of Evaluation. This framework connects the needs of learning stakeholders to the learning experience and provides methods for measuring programs at each level.

Rather than create content and push it out to their clients, AllenComm works closely with its partners to develop a solid measurement strategy, then execute with measurement at the heart of every stage. It has become increasingly critical that L&D teams can show business stakeholders just what kind of impact learning is having. AllenComm is committed to helping its clients do just that.

David Wentworth

David Wentworth has been a senior research analyst in the human capital field since 2005 and joined the Brandon Hall Group in 2013. He has authored reports and articles on various human capital subjects with an emphasis on workforce technology. He has contributed to several reports published by ASTD, including authoring Mobile Learning: Learning in the Palm of Your Hand, The Rise of Social Media: Enhancing Collaboration and Productivity Across Generations, and Instructional Systems Design Today and in the Future. His work has also appeared in Compensation & Benefits Review and T+D Magazine.