Highly successful organizations know that the key to their success is keeping their employees fully connected throughout the entire employee life cycle. Connection begins as your top talent is on-boarded and continues as they learn, collaborate, innovate, socialize and share. How do you improve the employee processes so that those employees not only feel connected but that they share this feeling with others creating a magnetic culture? How do you enhance your culture and make it one that employees do not want to leave?

Join the discussion with Trish McFarlane, VP of HR Practice from Brandon Hall Group, and Charles Denault, Senior Director of Product Marketing from Saba, as they share recent research and key practices on creating a positive talent management environment that focuses on increasing employee success, and in the process increasing performance outcomes.

Webinar topics include:

  • The idea of moving employees from inactive to engaged, then to fully-invested
  • Moving from pure systems of record to tools that provide systems of engagement
  • How incorporating social into the employee-life-cycle will produce a magnetic, connected culture
  • Case study examples

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Charles Denault Photo
Charles DeNault

Charles DeNault is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Saba, responsible for educating customers on Saba’s learning solutions. Charles has a B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Sciences and an M.S. in Operations Research from Stanford University.

Trish McFarlane Photo
Trish McFarlane

Brandon Hall Group VP Human Resources Practices, Principal Analyst
Trish is a seasoned HR executive focused on alignment of strategic business objectives and HR competencies. At Brandon Hall Group, she works to incorporate social media, marketing, internal communications, and innovation into the strategic objectives of the company. Her goal is to expand the business scope of the HR professional as human resources evolves.