Thursday, May 22, 2014 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern
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“The Google Analytics Approach to Measuring Learning:
Allowing You to Move at the Speed of Business”

Learning is the engine that drives performance, so why is it that we can’t link the training we provide to performance?

Today, we create learning using any number of rapid authoring tools, and then attempt to measure the effectiveness of that learning through metrics such as: time-in-training, completion rates and test scores. Unfortunately, these don’t tell you if the training you are providing is actually working. The business wants more. They want low-level, actionable metrics that speak their language. This can only be accomplished when we take a “Google Analytics” approach to measuring learning.

Join us for this May 22nd webinar with Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer at the Brandon Hall Group, as he shows you how to apply the same “Google” content metrics the rest of the business uses to your own training content. During this webinar Michael will:

  • Introduce you to a set of analytics that help you link training content to performance and start speaking the language of business.
  • Show you how to use content analytics to take control of managerial testimonials and prove the ROI of your training initiatives.
  • Explore use cases that leverage analytics to make corrections / improvements at the speed of business to improve learner engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Demonstrate how single-source technology uniquely provides you with the ability to create scalable, reusable, and measurable content.

Please join us to learn how single-source technology creates a breakthrough opportunity to significantly improve your return on investment in developing and deploying learning content in your organization.