Photo by Nick Bolton on UnsplashBy David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

Now that organizations have had enough time to come to grips with their own immediate Covid-19 realities, many have begun to look beyond the next few months and what they will mean for their workforce. In Brandon Hall Group’s most recent survey on the impact of coronavirus, after adjusting business operations, the biggest challenge is employee engagement and productivity. Companies want to know how to keep people engaged and functioning at a high level when things return to whatever normal may eventually be.

Learning has always played a huge role in engagement and that is even more true now in the current environment. With people working from home, the race is on to keep everyone connected with each other — and the organization. The suspension, delay or elimination of in-person training means learning technologies must step up to sustain those connections. Also, learning events — by design — have an eye on some future state. This means they can give employees something to look forward to in an environment focused on the here and now.

Brandon Hall Group, in conjunction with Elucidat, recently published an eBook that looks at learning and its effect on turnover. The same principles that apply to delivering modern learning programs to reduce turnover also apply to boosting and sustaining engagement, making this eBook important reading for today’s learning environment.

In a world where in-person learning events have disappeared from the calendar, organizations must put their best foot forward with virtual and other digital-learning experiences. For years, we’ve seen that a more modern and engaging learning environment supported by technology can have a big impact on results. Now that we are forced to offer digital learning only, it has to be done right. Unfortunately, only 44% of companies believe they are technologically ready for learning in our remote workforce reality.

The eBook details characteristics of learning experiences that mitigate turnover. Additionally, Elucidat is hosting a Digital Learning Skill-Up where organizations can learn to redesign face-to-face content for success online. It will also focus on a strategy that goes beyond the current crisis.

David Wentworth, Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

Do you have a best practice you can share?

Have you implemented talent management, learning, or training programs that have helped your company during the coronavirus? Please share your story with us at, and if possible, send screenshots or public links. We have seen many solution providers step up with technologies and courses, but we are looking for corporate and government organizations examples.

As all organizations respond to the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19), human capital management functions have important roles to play. Brandon Hall Group is conducting a pulse survey and talking to organizations to better understand how HR and learning are contributing to finding a global solution for the outbreak. Participate in our pulse survey click here.