By Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst, Talent Management and Workforce Management

Over the last year, nearly everyone had some experience working from home and we learned some important things, but nothing as profound as the impact of human connections. This led many organizations to think deeply about how to provide those connections to their employees and how to share their culture of connectivity with others. This is part of an ongoing change in how the world works —during and after the pandemic. The forces of increased digitalization, the transition to a knowledge economy and generational shifts in employee values and aspirations already made many forward-thinking organizations affect some fundamental changes to give employees the connections and cultural acceptance they seek.

This week’s news that isolved has acquired Givful shows a deep understanding of these needs of employers, employees and candidates. This acquisition gives isolved a lot of tools that help address the needs for connections within the organization and for people to feel better connected to their communities. This move also will have an impact on isolved customers feeling like their work is meaningful, which is a major component of attracting and retaining workers, regardless of where they physically do their job.

If you are not familiar with Givful, they are a workplace giving/charity company, but the connection with isolved means more than expanding the isolved offerings. It’s about giving employees a way to connect through Givful’s open messaging when giving (similar to Venmo), but also gives employers another way to extend their culture and values to their employees by allowing them the opportunity to help others and to prove that they support the broader community they exist within.

The future of this acquisition is also promising, by bringing in more data that shows the synergies between giving and retention, how matching programs affect employee engagement and how philanthropic programs improve talent acquisition.

There is controversy in many things in the workplace with differing perspectives, but it’s hard to find anything negative about charity and helping each other out. Similarly, it’s impossible to find anything wrong with isolved and Givful creating a win/win situation for organizations and the employees (or future employees) they serve.

Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst, Talent Management and Workforce Management, Brandon Hall Group

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