Instructure Creates a Bridge to Employee Engagement and Business Growth

By Claude Werder, Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group 

PARK CITY, Utah – The man held a black marker in his right hand and radiated sheer delight as he stood at the front of the meeting room. He was visibly excited to “whiteboard’ his company’s vision for a talent experience that connects employees to learning, career development, performance enablement and skills practice — all in one employee-centric platform. He was thrilled to build a better, brighter future for employees.

This kind of thinking is what every employer needs because today’s employees have power. They have an endless choice of job options and they only want to work for companies that will invest in their development and careers.

But this scene was not merely corporate talent professionals brainstorming about transforming the talent experience at their company. This was Steve Arntz, director of product strategy for Instructure, describing the thinking behind the new Bridge Employee Development Platform, which Instructure launched this week here at BridgeCon 2019.

Instructure is not the only technology provider trying to build a unified employee-centric talent experience. But the passion and vision of their product team is admirable and their solution, while clearly focused on the needs of employees, also creates value for the business and the managers who work with employees every day. It’s a sophisticated solution that is also simple to use.

Employers need a product like this, but as Brandon Hall Group research shows in study after study, the majority of companies are not thinking this way. Learning and Talent functions are still siloed in many organizations. Learning is usually not tied to performance. Only about 1 in 10 companies have at least 20% of their employees with clear, well-communicated career paths. In Instructure’s own research before launching their new product, only 26% of employees rated their employers’ career development tools as strong.

Technology tools are vitally important in attracting, hiring, developing and retaining talent in today’s digital, global knowledge-based economy. But they are only tools. Employers must commit to creating an experience that engages top talent and creates opportunities that make them want to stay where they are rather than flee for a more progressive organization. Only then can companies leverage the full benefits of a tool like the Bridge Employee Development Platform.

The product:

  • Supports productive onboarding, regular performance feedback and coaching, and setting long-term career plans for employees.
  • Helps managers understand their employees’ career drivers, provides a central place to track one-on-one online meetings, goals and tasks, and enables regular coaching conversations.
  • Helps increase employee retention, fulfillment and alignment to business performance.

Companies that believe they need to do a better job developing employees for the mutual benefit of the individual and the business should give the Bridge Employee Development Platform a close look. The team has done its homework – through a Harris Poll research survey and countless interviews with companies. And they continue to actively listen to customers, analysts – anyone who can provide insights into what will provide a better work experience. They’ll be happy to pull out a whiteboard and share their passion and vision.

Claude Werder, Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

Claude Werder is Brandon Hall Group’s Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst. He focuses on Leadership Development and Talent Management. Brandon Hall Group is a leading research and analyst firm with Practices in Learning & Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management/Core HR.

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