Information Protection

In this post, Michael Martin blogs about “Security: A Search Advantage”

At Covario, Michael Martin has been totally on top of Google’s latest Secure Search update, which he and the SEO team were among the first to anticipate several months ago when he recommended that digital marketers switchover to HTTPS to secure their websites and ultimately benefit from greater Google search visibility.
Today’s POV from Michael offers some actionable marketer recommendations and is available on the Covario website as a free download here.

“The Wall Street Journal reported on April 14 that Google’s Matt Cutts, head of webspam, advocated rewarding websites with proper encryption security. The next day we advised clients to prepare for this. Then on Aug. 7, Google publicly affirmed its implementation.

Google stated to the Washington Post that the purpose of its encryption of web searches and keyword search data in analytics is to legally protect itself and thwart government intelligence services, police and hackers – as brought to light by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

If site webmasters are able to provide adequate security processing of search engine referrals, this would shield Google from legal ramifications related to user data breaches. Consequently, Google is now rewarding more trusted sites with improvements in search rankings.”