Degreed, a global learning technology provider and a pioneer in the LXP industry, announced the acquisition of Learn In, a talent academy platform. The acquisition brings David Blake back to Degreed as CEO.

Learn In assists organizations in leveraging talent academies through a platform suite. Learn In has a singular focus on offering a unique approach to skill development, as well as providing organizations with the scale to customize learning for individuals and teams. Learn In’s platform supports the need for laser-sharp skills that drive breakthrough business outcomes at the learner’s moment of need.

Learn In and Degreed now have all the resources needed under one roof for building a highly skilled talent pool in any organization. These resources can also support the development of competencies within the talent pool, which requires a specialized, more long-term approach to learning.

Degreed plus Learn In will expand an organization’s capabilities to offer multiple development options for their talent. Whether an individual is trying to advance their personal and professional goals or a team is looking to take its performance to another level to meet growing business needs, Degreed plus Learn In offers an innovative platform combination to uniquely support the breadth and depth of talent development in any organization.

David Blake’s return will undoubtedly steer Degreed back to its roots and focus on a mission to offer world-class competency skill development capabilities to organizations around the globe. The two organizations have been there from the beginning in their respective fields — Degreed in the LXP market and now Learn In in talent academies. Together, the organizations will supply products to help their clients meet their talent needs at scale while laying the foundation for a highly innovative roadmap in the learning technology space.

“It has been my lifelong mission to ‘jailbreak the degree’ by making skills the currency of the future of work and truly reflect the ways that people actually learn in the real world. More than ever, organizations need to equip their people with the right skills to not only do their jobs today but get ready for tomorrow. That requires deep skill-building, something that Degreed and Learn In together can achieve for our clients.

The combination of Degreed and Learn In is the natural progression to provide innovation and product technology for our customers. We know businesses that develop effective ways to grow their employees’ skills are the ones who succeed in their business goals — our How the Workforce Learns research has shown that businesses with positive learning cultures have healthier, more engaged, better performing and more adaptable workforces,” David Blake, CEO and Co-founder of Degreed.

Degreed has always talked about “Changing the world through Learning” and supporting a culture of lifelong continuous learning in organizations. Degreed believes without question that learning is critical to attracting, developing and retaining talent in an organization. Learn In shares this vision of creating a learning-focused organizational culture that embodies growing the depth and breadth of competencies and skills in the workforce.

The future for these companies is bright and the impact they will have on their clients is even brighter. This will be a combination to keep an eye on. Big things are about to happen!

–Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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