shutterstock_267422663Guest: Emily Ricci, Associate Director of Design Services, The Regis Company

Host: Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group

In our recent episode, Emily Ricci discusses The Regis Company’s upcoming conference, The Regis Executive Conference (TREC).  For those not familiar, The Regis Company is a talent development and design firm passionate about solving client problems through immersive simulations. Its practices are based in neuroscience, which means it gets to the root of problems by understanding, analyzing and changing mental models. The company is also a design-centered organization, which means it places users at the heart of every design decision to create programs that simulate the environments of users. The end product is experiential learning solutions across a practice portfolio of executive leadership, business acumen and professional skills.

TREC is a deliberately intimate gathering for learning leaders to meet, share ideas and have in-depth roundtable conversations about the core challenges in front of them today. Learning organizations are changing faster than ever, and it’s rare amid the rapid pace of change to get the chance for any kind of whitespace or “thinking time” to help process it. In developing TREC, Regis leaders do not presume that they know what learning leaders need. Instead, Regis wants to help participants uncover those needs for themselves and foster authentic dialogue about the potential of learning even in a somewhat unknown future.

The theme of TREC is Think Forward: Anticipating the Future of Learning, with exploration through creative, strategic and anticipatory thinking exercises. Participants will spend time working through a number of strategic and systems thinking exercises that help them “think forward” into the future. This will be done through talking about digital disruptors in the market, plotting the impact of current programs against an organization’s strategic agenda, and thinking about how to anticipate the inevitable changes learning. The conference also provides a very unique chance for attendees to experience a custom simulation that will help them explore the challenges facing today’s learning leader.

Regis partners in attendance or presenting at TREC include McKinsey, Ingersoll Rand, Abbott, Deloitte, Discover, Boston Consulting Group, Liberty Mutual, EY, The American College, Pitney Bowes, Accenture, HP, and Santen.

The conference is open to learning leaders – CLOs or those who run major leadership development programs or run learning and development functions in their organizations. Also welcome are business stakeholders who sponsor major learning initiatives. The conference is not open to other vendors or partners in the industry because Regis is keen to enable the conversations for stakeholders and leaders in the learning space.

There are not many spots left but you can still register and find out more information by going to

The conference takes place at Keystone Resort and Spa in Keystone, Colorado, from June 7-9, starting at 3pm on Wednesday and ending on Friday at noon.

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As the Associate Director of Design Services, Emily co-leads the company’s design approach, champions the vision for executive leadership development, and has end-to-end ownership of multiple award-winning global milestone programs. Emily partners with clients, internal company leaders, and design teams to create solutions that consistently change the behavior of senior executives worldwide.

In her role, Emily advances the company’s design methodology based on system dynamics, cognitive science, and design thinking principles. She leads design thinking workshops around the globe that help uncover an audience’s behavioral preferences and biases, allowing for targeted approaches to design that quickly achieve significant business results.

Emily has worked with multinational organizations across a broad range of industries, including professional services, health sciences, pharmaceutical, transportation, national defense, technology, aerospace, banking, and financial services.

Emily holds an M.A. in human performance and training and a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. Prior to working for The Regis Company, Emily was part of the McDonald’s U.S. training, learning and development team in Chicago.

To listen to our interview, you can download the podcast anytime at the HCMx Radio site.

Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group @RachelCCooke

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