Brandon Hall Group’s Certified Learning Strategist Program Builds Broad Capabilities to Improve Learning’s Business Impact and Position Learning Professionals for Career Advancement

Corporate learning is more critical than ever. Employers are counting on the learning function to upskill and reskill employees as they grapple with unprecedented change from digitalization, the coronavirus pandemic, a changing business and social climate, and more.

Optimizing learning across the organization requires strategic leaders who understand that the learning experience and its outcomes can vary widely among different audiences. Front-line employees need a different emphasis than leaders. Compliance requirements can drive a different experience than personal development. Additionally, learners are typically multigenerational and highly mobile. While looking to get learning into the flow of work, it is critical to understand that the flow is different for different employee groups.

Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 learning strategy research shows that learning organizations know they don’t have the business impact they need to have:

  • 69% say they can’t adequately measure learning’s impact
  • 54% cite a lack of alignment between learning and business outcomes.
  • 43% say learners are not sufficiently engaged.

The solution is for all members of the learning team to have a broader, strategic focus to make learning a partner with the business. Brandon Hall Group, leveraging its more than 25 years as the preeminent research and advisory firm in Learning and Development, is launching a certification program that positions any member of the learning team to be a strategic business partner. 

No one on the learning team can afford to be siloed by position or experience. The learning function is changing. It must be aligned with business goals and collaborate across the enterprise to understand how learning can develop agile employees who can thrive in an uncertain future. 

Therefore, BHG’s Certified Learning Strategist program has 24 competencies that enable learning professionals at all levels to broaden their expertise beyond learning and development to include business acumen, leadership, inclusion, consulting, cross-functional collaboration, analytics, organizational design and more. 

Our research shows only 13% of organizations are prepared to better align learning with the business over the next two years. That’s not going to cut it. The way we work is changing before our very eyes. Learning teams must play a lead role in preparing their organizations for the future, but they need help to adapt and mature – and quickly. The Certified Learning Strategist program provides the help employers need to build a learning team that can make a business difference now and in the future. 

Learning professionals who earn the Certified Learning Strategist (CLS) designation:

  • Are positioned as business leaders with expertise in strategic learning and development.
  • Develop broad capabilities to assume a variety of roles to leverage learning to improve business outcomes.
  • Expand their ability to collaborate with a broad group of stakeholders across the enterprise.

The CLS program is a learning journey free of ratings or grades. It is focused solely on enabling learning professionals to learn and apply new competencies to drive business results in their organizations. Brandon Hall Group’s learning and development experts, with more than 120 years of collective experience, are available throughout the certification process to answer questions and provide support.

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-Claude Werder, Senior Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

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