Great performance is achieved through successful employees. Successful employees are highly engaged. Highly engaged employees receive feedback and recognition.  Over 75% of organizations believe employees receive most of their feedback in the performance management process, less than half feel that feedback is highly effective.  How do you improve the employee feedback and recognition process, increase employee engagement, and in the process achieve higher levels of performance? How do you help your employees become successful?

Join the discussion with Trish McFarlane, VP of Research from Brandon Hall Group, and Razor Suleman, Founder and Chief Evangelist from Achievers, as they share recent research and key practices on creating a positive talent management environment that focuses on increasing employee success, and in the process increasing performance outcomes.

Event topics include:

  • The business case for focusing on the Positive side of Talent Management
  • Making Employee Success the Center of your Performance Management Process
  • Key Practices for ensuring employees can succeed
  • Case study examples

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