Employee Digital Rights are Fundamental

By Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst, Talent Management and Workforce Management

Employee digital rights are in the news and have a been a hot topic in HR circles lately. Not understanding or respecting employee digital rights can result in real-world consequences, as anyone who understands the term “GDPR” can tell you. And it’s not just GDPR. In fact, GDPR might be more of a symptom than a cause for employee digital-rights concerns.

There’s growing interest in breaking up the big social media giants; multiple states implemented employee digital rights legislation; and there is growing public distrust in how their data is being collected and what it is being used for.

I would argue that this concern is a positive thing! People should be concerned about how, what, where and why their personal data is collected in all aspects of their life and they have a right to know that information. However, I also believe that honest companies, acting in good faith, can use that data to create a more humanistic, hospitable and healthy work environment for their employees.

It’s often a scare tactic to say the machines are coming for our jobs, though in many cases, they are. But it’s the jobs nobody should have in the first place: converting paper documents to digital files, moving info from one database to another, assigning numerical values to bubbled-in answers on an application. Nobody should want or have those jobs. Instead, let’s allow the machines to do the kind of work they do best: mindless, thankless, uncurious drudgery. Let humans do what we uniquely do: listen, act with a sense of fairness, relate and empathize.

One way or another, software will eventually take on these roles. We just have to make sure we understand how to create a more human-centric process to ensure we control the data resulting from those actions. That’s employee digital rights in a nutshell: being transparent, taking ownership and enabling the data we collect to be used to make us more human, not less.

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Cliff Stevenson, (Twitter: @CliffordDarrell email: cliff.stevenson@brandonhall.com) Principal Analyst, Talent Management and Workforce Management, Brandon Hall Group

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