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New since our last update:

  • Training Companies Develop Online Offers With Intrepid Learning (Tech Review)
  • Thought Industries Empowers Clients to Create and Manage Multi-Tenant Ecosystems (Tech Review)
  • HCM Excellence Series: Learning Measurement
  • Scheduling the Future (Blog)
  • Learning and Development Framework (2018 Update)
  • Tool to Use: Learning-Performance Convergence Model (2018)
  • Intrepid Grows Sales Skills With Real-World Assignments (Tech Review)
  • Workforce Scheduling: A Matter of Business (Research Brief)
  • SAP Powers Recruitment with Assessment Game and Facebook App (Tech Review)
  • HCM Excellence Series: Sales Onboarding
  • Employee Engagement eBook
  • HCM Excellence Series: Custom Content
  • Efficiently Manage Your Training Business (Tech Review)
  • Instructure’s Bridge Encourages Feedback (Tech Review)
  • SilkRoad Onboarding Includes Promotions, Relocations and Exits (Tech Review)
  • Targeted Communications Added to Unboxed Technology’s LMS Spoke® (Tech Review)
  • Guest post: Mobile Learning and the Future of Modern Workforce Training (Blog)

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